July 10, 2023

All The Upcoming Opportunities

All The Upcoming Opportunities

Hello Everyone!

Greetings from the beautiful Caribbean... David and I had the opportunity this week to take a cruise to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Thanks to our amazing team back home for keeping the studio progressing as usual while we take a minute to refresh ourselves and spend quality time with each other.

So, this past week was a busy and important week at the studio as we kicked off two of our largest events yet! Friday we had our Competition Team Meeting and shared the details of what all is involved, how to join us, and why you may want to compete. We had 21 people come to the meeting and are looking forward to having the best year yet for those looking to solidify and strengthen their basics while being part of a group! Our schedule kicks off with 3 free classes in September, then a recurring monthly Membership starting in October. There are two types of Memberships and also a Drop-In Option for many of these classes and practices.

The Competition Team is made up of two groups.

Amateur/Amateur is a group of students who are progressing together through their dancing through feedback heavy group classes and plenty of opportunities to learn common routines and practice them with a variety of partners (there is the option to join the team as a couple as well in order to limit dancing with only each other).

Professional/Amateur is a group of current private lesson students (from The Crystal Ballroom or other studios) who are getting extra input on their technique and the details needed to compete successfully. These students typically dance with a Professional (their teacher) for competitions. The classes offered for this group can also be dropped in to, although the monthly membership reduces costs dramatically.

No matter which one sounds interesting to you, there are 2 ways to get involved and learn more information!

#1. Come to the first 3 classes for FREE to check it out! (September 24th: 2:30pm and 3:15pm, or September 29th: 7:45pm)

#2. Schedule a 30min individual meeting with me to discuss which opportunity is best for you. I'd love to answer your individual questions, explain pricing, how it works, and see if it's a good fit for your dance goals!! (I will be back in the studio on September 19th, so let's aim for that week in case you want to join us on Saturday for classes)

The other big announcement and event we had this week was the opportunity to attend Casting Day and become a performer at our Winter Showcase!! There are many people who weren't able to show up to this meeting either and you are also welcome to schedule a 30min meeting to see if any of these opportunities would be a good fit for you. I like to think of showcases as your "Dancing with the Stars" moment. No matter what level of dancer you are at this time, we can give you the opportunity to be a star and perform with an instructor (or partner) to the song of your choice! Although we are doing a bit of a holiday theme to the showcase there are already plenty of other themes happening as well.

Congrats to Michael, Joanna, Karen, Madeline, Langdon, Raj, Rose, Glenn, Tim, Theresa, Chris & Kim for being the FIRST to sign up to perform at our Winter Showcase

Save the Date December 17th!! :)

BTW, thanks to Cindy, Val & Maxine for representing this weekend for The Crystal Ballroom 5K Team!

This week we'll be enjoying a Competition Team Recruitment Friday, and dancing the night away at our Weekly Ballroom Dance Party on Saturday (after Casting Day)!!

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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