February 18, 2021

Am I too Old to Start Dancing?

Am I too Old to Start Dancing?

NO!!!! You are never too old to start dancing (socially or competitively)!

There are some types of dance that lend themselves to a younger more athletic crowd, however part of the reason I LOVE ballroom and other partner dances is that you can keep learning to dance socially &competitively through your 90s!

A big difference between learning to dance in your childhood vs learning to dance in your 50s-80s is the speed at which your brain& body will pick up new movements and steps.  You will most likely need more repetition if you are past your developmental years.  Depending on your athleticism, you may need to start slower physically and work your way up to a full hour or two of social dancing. The great thing about learning to dance as a Senior is that Dancing has been studied and proven to increase brain and body health and function!

As a leader, the great thing about social and competitive dance is that once you know how to lead 7-10 steps in each dance you have a good enough repertoire to keep the dances fun and interesting for your partners.  

As a follower, the skill of following (going with the flow and reacting to the lead)means you can dance steps you don’t even know yet if they are led well!

As a competitor, you compete against others at your level (and at your age) so competition is very popular among seniors as well!

Share in the comments at what age you started dancing and what you love about this activity!

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Amy Ross

Owner & Instructor

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