July 10, 2023

Amateur Competition Team, West Coast Swing Workshops, Dance Technique Classes!

Amateur Competition Team, West Coast Swing Workshops,  Dance Technique Classes!

Hello Everyone,

Ok, I am really excited about this Amateur Competition Team. Let me describe to you how our first class went on Saturday! We started with leads and follows doing the box step in Rumba to be sure the basic step and timing were there. After that we got in partnership to dance a box step. While doing a box step we reviewed frame (how to connect properly and cleanly, with good connection), we reviewed footwork (which part of the foot to use and how to use it well), we reviewed knee action (when to bend and straighten knees to create Latin motion), then we added the crossover break. While doing a crossover break we reviewed posture (how to remain vertical and balanced over feet), we reviewed hand changes (how to successfully and clearly lead a change a frame, we reviewed stretch (how to use the body to create expression and beautiful lines). After this simple yet intense look at Rumba we transitioned to Foxtrot... and particularly reviewed each part of the dance that needed attention. This class was well reviewed by everyone in attendance and we are looking forward to attending our first ever competition in May with a fantastic group of dancers. If you are interested in learning more, improving your skills and being part of our first Amateur Team, you have until Saturday to join! Please call me at 614-526-9444 or message me on Facebook for information. On Saturday classes start at 12:00pm for follows and 1:00pm for leads. We are looking forward to an awesome 4 weeks of intense workshop type of classes to prepare for our debut at New World! For those of you who expressed interest, but are not able to join right now, we will have details out soon for CBC in August. Let me know you're interested so I can keep you in the loop!

If you love West Coast Swing, do NOT miss the opportunity to get an entire weekend of WCS Dancing & Workshops with Jesse Lopez & Ariel Peck at an Early Bird Rate of $60 by May 1st. Regular price is $90.... and each workshop individually is $20... so if you can come to 3 workshops (or 2 dances and a lesson beforehand) it's better just to join us for the entire weekend for only $60! Early Bird Pricing expires on May 1st! Don't miss this opportunity! (Limit of 100 Full Weekend Passes can be sold!)

Many of you have been complimenting the detailed classes Kelsey has been offering on different types of Dance Technique. We've decided to add another class to this genre (created by Kelsey although the first week I'll be subbing for her since she's out of town). Mondays at 7:00pm learn the Footwork for Dancing! We will start this series with Rumba, however each week will be a different dance. Come enjoy developing good dance habits in this class designed to give you practice and muscle memory in the footwork for many of the different dances.

The other thing happening soon is the Youth Ballroom Information Session & Party at Noon on May 7th! This 1 hour event will offer complimentary classes to youth ages 3-18 as well as introduce the upcoming Series, Summer Camps, and Semester Enrollments to parents and young people. Your children will enjoy a free dance class & party treats while you enjoy seeing them improve their balance, coordination, focus, and confidence through dance!

This Friday is our 5th Friday - 70s DANCE PARTY! Let's get Groovy and dress up, then we'll see you Saturday for our Weekly Ballroom Dance Party!!

Let's continue to Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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