July 10, 2023

An engagement and Youth Program Kickoff!

An engagement and Youth Program Kickoff!

First off, we've got big news in the studio if you haven't heard! We are excited to announce the engagement of two of our dance instructors, Aaron & Kelsey. They took a little trip to the Carolinas and came back with bigger smiles and a ring!

Next, we had our Youth Program Kickoff this past Saturday and are excited to announce 4 ways for Youth to dance at The Crystal Ballroom!

1. Youth Semester Performance Classes
These Classes are created to be opportunities for a group of youth to practice a routine for the entire semester and perform at our Showcase. The next performance is July 24th at The Buckeye Open Showcase. There are 3 age levels for these classes, Pre-K (ages 3-6), Kids (ages 7-12), Teens (ages 13-18). Each age group has a specific song and performance they will be doing. Youth can join the class this week for free to see if it's a good fit for them.

2. Youth Monthly Leveled Classes
There is no age limit to these classes as they are progressive. They are based on the Dance Vision syllabus and are there to help youth learn the different ballroom dances. This summer we'll be offering Level 1, then level 2 in Rumba, Foxtrot, and East Coast Swing. Each class is 4 weeks, and once they graduate from a level, they are welcome to take the next level of each dance. It is expected for teens to graduate after 1 class, kids graduate after a few repeats, and pre-k will repeat extra times.

3. Youth Private Lessons
For those students who want to progress quicker, compete, or even perform a solo (think Dancing with the Stars) we offer Private Dance Lessons. These lessons are 45min, 1 on 1 with an instructor for all ages. The instructor will personalize their program based on their goals and help them progress quickly.

4. Youth Summer Camps
This summer we are offering 3 monthly 3 day summer camps. This is a great way to expose your children, grandchildren, and friends children to partner dancing. These camps include dancing, games, snack time, and crafts. Summer camp is open to ages 7-12.

If any of these sound interesting, we have a full packet available at the studio with schedule, pricing, and details! Classes start this week, please call 614-505-8698 or email info@crystalballroomcolumbus.com for more details!

Many of you are probably curious about our job listing for new instructors. First of all, we are not trying to replace any of our current staff, we are lucky to have the instructors we currently have. We have invested a lot of time and energy into their dancing career and are blessed to have people who are committed to creating the welcoming environment you come to each week. With that said, I set a goal last year to have 10 successful instructors by January 2023. Well, obviously with the pandemic lasting as long as it did, we are little behind on making this a reality. Currently we have 4 full-time instructors and it's time to add to the ranks. Our hiring process is a long one, but I am excited to get started this week with an interview, trial-by-fire type of training class. We will continue to run these training classes every so often to continue working towards our goal of 10 full-time successful instructors! If you see the new trainees in the studio, feel free to say hi and welcome them to The Crystal Ballroom!

This Friday is our Private Student Appreciation Party (Private Students Only), then we'll see you all Saturday for our Weekly Ballroom Dance Party!!

Let's Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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