February 28, 2022

Another Beautiful Weekend of Dancing

Another Beautiful Weekend of Dancing

Hello Everyone,

We are coming out of another beautiful weekend of dancing at The Crystal Ballroom.

Congrats to Michael Creamer, Toni Sacco Lee, Theresa Alton, Jody Cotsmire, Giovanni Lujan, Chris & Kim Nelson, Shannon Kazee, Sophia Larick, Phyllis Thornton, Sheri Walker, Joy Malinski and all of their wonderful teachers for being part of our Commentary from Champions event on Sunday! Thanks also to Kimberley Mitchell for her frank yet supportive feedback and training. We all appreciate and acknowledge the progress you've made, and are looking forward to seeing continue to reach for the stars in your dancing! :)

I also would like to shoutout Brittany in this newsletter. If you know Brittany, you know how much joy and energy she brings to the ballroom. Her energy, care for others, and team spirit makes so many of our students feel safe and comfortable in the ballroom. What many of you may not know is that she and I have been working for hours each week to prepare for the Men In Black AmPro Competition Circuit! This circuit is specifically for ballroom leaders to get the chance to compete and win great prizes for themselves and their instructors. Brittany is a planner (unlike me) and so we are working together to get pricing figured out, and create a plan for the routines, the competitions and the students who are interested in achieving at a high level in ballroom competition! Those of you who are interested in getting in on the fun (and travel) of competition, set up a meeting with me so we can be sure you know all the details and begin planning your involvement!

If you are interested in being part of our 5K Team this year, to meet once or often to run or WALK a 5K, put our 5K Team Meeting on your calendar (Wednesday March 9th 6:15pm) We will have pricing, which 5Ks we are planning to attend, Sponsorship opportunities and more! :)

This week we'll see you Friday for another West Coast Swing Dance!!, and Saturday for our weekly Ballroom Dance Party!!

Let's Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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