July 10, 2023

Another Eventful Week

Another Eventful Week

Hello Everyone!

It's been another eventful week at The Crystal Ballroom. (When is it not?!) This week a few of you enjoyed shopping, taking workshops, or spectating at The Ohio Star Ball. Thanks to those of you on the Amateur Competition Team for joining me for the workshops on Friday and Saturday afternoons! I am so pumped to share some of what I learned this past week from Nathan Daniels, Toni Redpath, Edward Simon, Bree and with the Team!

Many of you got the chance to purchase the Membership Special that I highlighted last week, I'd like to tell you about another deal that every single dancer should jump up and buy! :)

The Instructor Sampler Special!
This is a special where you get 4 Private Dance Lessons for only $149... regularly priced at $436. We created this offer last year and it was so popular, that we decided to offer it again! Not only is this a special that benefits your learning, but it's also an opportunity to thank these amazing instructors for the time & energy they've spent this year sharing their talents, and expanding their learning to foster growth in the studio! This special gives them each a nice holiday bonus straight from you to them!

As far as learning & fun go, this is an amazing opportunity to get questions answered, improve steps that are a little rough around the edges, or build off the strengths of our instructors.

Aaron has competed professionally in both Smooth & Rhythm. He understands performing and has plenty of exercises to share with you to continue your learning and progression in dancing.

Kelsey is a current smooth competitor, has a ton of creativity, and a background in ballet and ice skating. One of her many strengths is spinning!Cedric has a skill for listening to your goals and sharing what he knows in a fun and friendly way. A few of his passions are West Coast Swing and Night Club 2-Step!

Mallory has great attention to detail and an extensive performing background in music and dance. A lesson with her is a great way to fill in the holes in your dancing... and do some Polka!

Along with the above strengths, every one of our instructors is certified in the dances, can show you new steps or help your understanding of dancing socially or competitively!

Feel free to call me or text me on my work number this week if you have questions about the Black Friday November Deals! 614-526-9444!

You only have 2 more weeks to get tickets at the Early Bird Price for our Winter Snowflake Ball! The Snowflake Ball kicks off at 6pm at The Crystal Ballroom! This year we are doing things a little differently. At our Snowflake Ball we will have a living room/lounge area, in this area there will be a Gift Exchange! Bring along a $10 Gift in order to join the exchange! At 6pm Tom Wehrung will be taking professional Holiday Portraits in front of the Christmas Tree. 7pm is a buffet dinner, and from 8pm-10pm we'll be enjoying ballroom dancing with all of our friends to celebrate the holidays! Also, if you purchase a ticket for the Winter Snowflake Ball you receive a FREE ticket to the The Winter Showcase Performances in the afternoon at Dublin Coffman High School, as well as a $10 discount off purchasing a New Year's Eve Masquerade Formal Ticket!

By the way, the details are now out for our New Year's Eve Dance as well! Join us for Music of the Night... a Masquerade New Year's Eve Formal! This is one of our biggest events of the year and includes a Themed Photo, Live Performances, Catered Buffet dinner, Ballroom Dancing, and a Midnight Toast & Celebration!

This Friday we do not have a dance since the West Coast Swing dancers will most likely be in Cleveland at Cash Bash, Saturday we'll be dancing the night away at our Wonderful Weekly Ballroom Dance Party!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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