January 7, 2021

Are you afraid to start dance lessons?

Are you afraid to start dance lessons?

Whether you have two left feet, don't know how to count music, or are simply intimidated by the idea of moving your body to music; your first dance lesson can take some courage and may you have trembling with terror!

Let me explain the idea behind private dance lessons (best way to get started dancing), and how a lesson is structured so you can fear less, and learn more!

The best way to get started dancing (at any age) is private dance lessons. The purpose of taking private dance lessons in the beginning is to learn good habits and muscle memory from the very start. Your body is learning a new idea, and a good instructor will take the time to let you feel the different movements and get comfortable before adding new material, movements, etc...

"Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You" The King & I

Your goals and reason for dancing is extremely important. Maybe you're dancing to lose weight, maybe you're dancing to build confidence, or to express yourself, or reconnect with your partner, or because you've always wanted to feel more comfortable with body movement, or maybe you're dancing to get out of the house and smile!

No matter what reason brought you to the studio, we want to help you reach your goals, and enjoy the process. We start the first lesson with an interview, so we can get to know you, understand exactly what you are looking for, and help you find that experience!

"If You Can Walk, You Can Dance..." African Proverb

After we know your goals, the dancing portion of your lesson starts with the simplest movements that you already know, forward walking, backward walking, and side steps. This means that you already have the basic skills necessary to dance, our job from there is to simply add one new movement at a time and let your muscle memory start learning those movements. It takes 300-500 Repetitions of any new physical movement to start feeling comfortable.  So, during the lesson expect to move a lot, and repeat until your body starts remembering for you!

In 1 lesson you experience the basic movements of 2-4 dances. This means you will not remember EVERYTHING on day #1, but you are able to start experiencing a variety of new dances and movements!

New students are typically surprised at how much of a workout dancing is. You should be gleaming with sweat and joy by the end of your first lesson!

"Dance Like No One is Watching"

After your first lesson, you have been introduced to the fun, movement, connection, & joy of dancing. The more often, and longer you dance, the easier it will get. Just like learning Tennis or Piano, every time you take a lesson it will get easier and more beautiful. Enjoy the process of building your knowledge and movement through the combination of private lessons, group classes, and dance parties!!

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