May 15, 2024

Buckeye Open Showcase, Board Game Night results and Families Flourish!

Buckeye Open Showcase, Board Game Night results and Families Flourish!

Hello Everyone,

It's the week of Buckeye Open Showcase! This week, performers can pick up their t-shirt, an itinerary for Sunday, as well as any guest tickets they may have gotten. If you purchased tickets for this wonderful day of solos and community, you just need to give your name at the door. It's $25 for tickets at the door (or you can purchase them in advance for $20 this week through The Crystal Ballroom. All studio included we have 20SOLOS, 3 FORMATIONS, 3 PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCES, &65 COMPETITIONHEATS with Grand Finale Performances around 5 PM.

Check out the Facebook posts highlighting all of The Crystal Ballroom performers here!! 

Are you available on May 19th?? Sign up now for tickets to watch the showcase (and bring along dance shoes in case you'd like to catch a few of the social dances between numbers).

Get your tickets early for the Buckeye Open Showcase on May 19th! Tickets are $20 in advance, and $25 at the door.

You can click this link to purchase tickets now (or call the studio at 614-505-8698)!I am organizing this event and hope all of you make the time to come out and enjoy the day of performances from a variety of dancers!

On May 20th join us for coachings with the Buckeye Open Showcase judges, or classes focused on improving your smooth & rhythm for competition!

Nathan Daniels has been here many times before. He is a fantastic coach for those who are interested in clear, workable improvements and high expectations. If you aren't ready for a 1-1 Coaching yet, attend his 2 Master Classes... these will be focused on smooth and rhythm.

Tommye Giacchino has a very thorough resume in the dance world with championships, cabaret, smooth, rhythm, teacher testing, judging, and studio coaching as a few of her many accomplishments. She also has availability Monday May 20th to do individual coachings with students!

Board Game Night was awesome... if you didn't make it out, we had 64 people show up, many of them had never been in The Crystal Ballroom before and although the class was set up to be an introductory lesson and mixer, many people wanted even more dancing since they were enjoying it so much! Thanks to Andrew for suggesting we try out a combo event with the Meetup Group: Board Games at Bars! We're already debating when we should have another event like this!

In June we will be hosting another event in collaboration with another community!  Racheal Pack works at a wonderful non-profit named Families Flourish. 
Families Flourish and The Crystal Ballroom will be co-hosting an Open House/ Charity Dance on June 14th at 7pm! What this means is that all proceeds from the evening go directly to supporting the mission of Families Flourish. We all get a chance to learn about the organization and introduce new people to the studio.  We also are excited to make this night an opportunity for a 45min dance party with DJ Jerry Bean!

Visit to learn more!

Remember to share this event with your friends so they too can enjoy our friendly Crystal Ballroom Atmosphere!

Saturday, join us for our wonderful weekly ballroom dance party, preceded by Mambo Group Classes in 2 Levels.

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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