April 9, 2024

Buckeye Open Showcase FAQ

Buckeye Open Showcase FAQ

Hello Everyone,

I want to share with you how we got to meet hundreds of new people this weekend! David, Cedric, Sophia, Josh, and I got a chance to go to one of the largest Wedding Shows in Columbus to meet engaged couples and share The Crystal Ballroom with them! I am personally so proud of how well we are all working as a team and how much we all care about sharing the joy, acceptance, and connection of dance. The feedback we got from other vendors is that we are the most professional dance studio they've seen. We are looking forward to helping the next group of engaged couples develop the confidence to dance together at their wedding! If you know anyone that is engaged, send them to the studio before the end of April for their first lesson since we have SPECIAL PRICING for referred wedding clients now until the end of April!

Buckeye Open Showcase Frequently Asked Questions

Where? Valley Dale Ballroom in Columbus

When? May 19th: 1pm-approx 6pm

Can I come watch? Yes, spectator tickets are already on sale. It's only $20 a person to enjoy the entire day. You can click this link to purchase tickets now! 

Will there be social dancing? Approximately the last hour of the Showcase will include hors d'oeuvres, top performances, social dancing, and awards!

What is a heat? A heat is an opportunity for those who are working on a particular dance (many times competitors) to get on the floor, dance to the provided music for their particular dance(s) and get some feedback. Heats are limited to 1 closed and 1 open dance per partnership.

What do I wear if I participate in the heats? Practicewear or competition wear is perfect. For the ladies, a short skirt for rhythm, long skirt for smooth. For the gentlemen, dance pants with a button down shirt and tie.

Why would I want to come watch the Showcase? If you enjoy "Dancing with the Stars," this is a similar type of event. There will be many fun, choreographed numbers to specific music with costumes as well as some heats where you will see people of all levels put their best foot forward (pun intended)!

This Friday April 12th we are hosting Connected Fit Networking at 7pm! This 1.5 hour event is an opportunity to meet other business owners, sales people, and professionals for professional networking as well as a fun Swing Dance Lesson! It includes a networking exercise, time to learn beginning dance steps, and enjoy getting to know others in the business world! Click here for more information and to register! Next Month we have 1 more awesome collaboration The Crystal Ballroom & The Meetup Group: Board Games at Bars are working together to bring you... Complimentary Intro to Dance Class & Board Game Night on Friday May 10th at 7pm! This 3 Hour Event gives you time to explore the studio, learn some basic dance steps, then spend hours playing board games while making new friends!Remember to share these events with your friends and share the joy of dance, and our friendly Crystal Ballroom Atmosphere with your friends, family and acquaintances!

This Friday Network with us at 7pm with The Connected Fit Group. Then Saturday join us for our wonderful weekly ballroom dance party,preceded by East Coast Swing Group Classes in 2 Levels. Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

Sincerely,Amy RossOwner/FounderThe Crystal Ballroom Dance Center

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Amy Ross

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