June 14, 2021

Casting Day this Saturday plus Youth Dance Camps! - June 6th, 2021

Casting Day this Saturday plus Youth Dance Camps! - June 6th, 2021

Hello All!

I'd like to formally invite you to be part of the Buckeye Open Showcase on September 12th, 2021! Whether you want to be featured as a performer, hang out in a group performance, watch others perform, or just attend the best Gala of the year, you need to be there!! This showcase is our biggest and best yet! Not only will we be featuring dances from the teachers and students at our studio, but we are opening up our showcase to all other studios as well!

The Buckeye Open Showcase and Gala is an ALL DAY EVENT at Valley Dale Ballroom! We'll start the day with Showcases and Formations from all around the state, and end the day with a show of the TOP Showcases & Formations of the day as well as Dinner, Dancing and Awards! If you've never been to The Valley Dale Ballroom, you will LOVE this venue! It can seat upwards of 300 people and has a dancefloor as big as ours! If you're looking for a dance goal to push you to a new level, this is it!! :) Pick any song you like, pick any teacher you like, or join a group formation team and enjoy creating a show like no other!

How do you get involved?!

This Saturday (June 12th) at 5pm is our Casting Day at The Crystal Ballroom, you will learn about how to be part of the show, see the details, set up 1-1 meetings with the instructors, and experience the first few steps of the group numbers! If you can't make it Saturday, just set up a mtg with the instructor you'd like to work with and me! If you're not sure who the best instructor is for what you want, call and we'll consult with you and figure it out! :) The Crystal Ballroom will make you a star!

Ok, so the 2nd thing I'd like to bring up this week is our Prince & Princess Themed Youth Dance Camps!!! We have 2 camps this summer for Youth Ages 6-12. This is a fantastic opportunity to help your children (and your friend's children) socialize, learn teamwork, build confidence, and start dancing! :)

If you don't know Kelsey (currently our receptionist and a teacher in training), she has extensive experience with teaching summer camps in both ice skating and dance! Kelsey's passion for dance, creativity and vision have shaped a wonderful 3 day camp including dancing, crafts, snack time, and even a Mini-Performance for parents at the end of the camp! Registration is only $125 for all 3 days (10am-3pm). Don't miss the first camp starting Monday June 14th! You can Pre-Register HERE or call 614-505-8698 with any questions!

Spring Lesson Drive Update!
Goal: 100 Introductory Lessons Taught by June 30, 2021

26 Introductory Lessons Taught!
$130 Raised for The Byron Saunders Foundation!
Current leaders for TOP ADVOCATE
Gerald Wheeler - 1 Referral
Kathy Pinto - 1 Referral
Jennifer DeBourbon - 1 Referral
Dyan Reckner - 1 Referral

Keep inviting your friends/family/neighbors and acquaintances to improve their lives by getting out and dancing!! Remember our TOP ADVOCATE gets 10 FREE Lessons! (plus you earn rewards along the way)

Top 4 Reasons Your Friends Would Love an Introductory Lesson

Reason #4: Fitness through dancing!

Most people don't expect their first dance lesson to be much of a physical activity, and they are surprised when they're sweating on the first day. Who said physical fitness had to be boring and repetitive? Dance is a great way to burn calories, increase cardio endurance, and get rid of the aches and pains of being sedentary! Get a 1-on-1 lesson and let us know what your goals are, so we can help you achieve them!

Reason #3: Couples reignite the spark in their relationship!

There's a reason every Disney Movie shows a beautiful princess being swept around the dance floor by her prince charming! Dancing is one of the few activities couples can do together where they are learning to communicate, physically touch, and are on the same team! The follow gets a chance to let go of control and enjoy a seamless connection to her partner while the lead has the opportunity to take responsibility, make decisions, and LEAD! Moving in sync and feeling the music with the one you love sparks intimacy and gives you the chance to connect in a whole new way!

Reason #2: Dancing increases positivity and relaxation!

Let's face it, this year has been stressful, limiting, scary, and upsetting. We have all experienced extra stress and now we all deserve to release that stress in a positive environment where physical movement and music relax even the most tense of people! Couples can come in together for a date night, or singles can get a lesson with one of our instructors as their dance partner! The hardest part of taking our Introductory Lesson Special is walking in the door!

Reason #1: Dancing gives SINGLES a community, confidence, and skills!

Your SINGLE friends want to be social, be part of a group, increase their confidence and swagger, as well as have skills that make them even more attractive!Invite them to try a $15 Introductory Dance Lesson to have a great time, move, and experience the joy of dancing with another person. As a single person they get the added advantage of dancing with an instructor, learning faster, and getting the entire lesson personalized to them!

Thank you all for introducing people to the joy of dancing and helping us GROW!!

Let's all Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

Amy Ross

The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center

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