June 4, 2024

CBC Dancesport Competition, Formaion Team Sign Ups, Charity Open House with Families Flourish!

CBC Dancesport Competition, Formaion Team Sign Ups, Charity Open House with Families Flourish!

Hello Everyone,

Check out all the photos from Buckeye Open Showcase HERE!

Find the Commemorative photos HERE!

Videos will be out THIS WEEK!!

Speaking of this week... if you are thinking about being involved in our next big thing, CBC Dancesport Competition is it! This competition goes from August 15th - August 17th at the Crown Plaza Worthington! Our goal is to show up in force and win top teacher for Cedric and top studio for the rest of us!

We are offering Individual Meetings to learn more and get an individual quote for how you'd like to be involved.

There are 4 ways to represent...

1. ProAm Competition - Compete with your instructor! You are never too new to compete, there is actually a category called Newcomer for those of you who have been dancing less time!

2. AmAm Competition - This budget friendly way of competing is a team of individuals who learn routines in the Core 6 Dances (waltz, tango, foxtrot, cha cha, rumba, swing) and rotate partners as they learn and improve their skills!

3. Solo - This is your "Dancing with the Stars" type of performance. You and your partner (instructor), get to pick the song, pick the dance, and choreograph an individual routine!

4. Formation Team - This is a group class that performs after 10 practices! In my opinion there is no better way to start making friends at The Crystal Ballroom, than to join a formation and spend time each week with the same wonderful group of people.

If you don't have an individual meeting set up yet, contact me asap!

Formation Teams begin next week! We are excited to be offering 3 ways to join us for Formations...

1. Partnered Swing Formation
Join us for a country themed East Coast Swing, no partner necessary to join, we will pair up partnerships based on attendance. The song is "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On" and you can guess it, we're looking good in blue jeans for this number!

2. Ladies Formation
Ladies, if you enjoy high-energy fun music, join us for a quickstep/charleston to "Tribe" Sophia is taking point on this number, think a 1950s feel with shorts and tied shirts

3. West Coast Swing International Rally
Yes, the West Coast Swing Rally is back! This time we will be offering classes to join us in September, however if you want to really show off, sign up to be part of bringing the joy of WCS to all of the competitors at CBC! There will be 2 practices per week to encourage newer dancers to try this fun new routine!

On June 14th at 7pm we will be hosting a Charity Dance/Open House for Families Flourish! It is a simple $5 Donation to the charity to come for the whole event!

If you are new to dancing join us for the introductory group class followed by information from Families Flourish about what they do and how to support their mission!

If you are a seasoned dancer come at 7pm to welcome the new dancers and participate in a fun/easy mixer class. After learning about Families Flourish we are excited to have Jerry Bean DJing a 45minute Charity Dance.  It's a $5 minimum donation to attend, and we hope you all will be generous towards this amazing organization!

Visit familiesflourish.org to learn more! 
Purchase tickets online HERE

Remember to share this event with your friends so they too can enjoy our friendly Crystal Ballroom Atmosphere!

Friday is our Monthly West Coast Swing Night with guest instructors Chris & Melissa Moy!

Saturday, join us for our wonderful weekly ballroom dance party, preceded by Country 2-Step Classes in 2 Levels.

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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