July 10, 2023

CBC Dancesport Competition! Summer Out on the Town! Casting Day!

CBC Dancesport Competition! Summer Out on the Town! Casting Day!

Hello Everyone!

Summer Out on the Town
Yesterday was our 2nd live concert of the Summer! We had the pleasure of seeing Conspiracy Band live at the Westerville Amphitheatre! What an inspiring show! Thanks to everyone who came out to dance! Special shoutout to Steve who made time to drive an hour to come dance with us! Something I've realized from my 2 times dancing to live music this year is that the energy and the dynamics of live music can be REALLY inspiring!! See a couple pictures from our last 2 events here. Our last outing of the summer will be on Friday September 30th in Grove City! Put it on your calendar now and RSVP HERE because all of the Crystal Ballroom Staff will be attending this event and we plan to party it up!!

Winter Showcase Casting Day!!!
Ok, so here's the big announcement, if you'd like to perform a solo (think dancing with the stars) type of performance, join a group formation, or even learn a bit about our Amateur Competition Team, you need to be at our Casting Day on September 10th at 5:30pm! This is an opportunity to see everyone else who's interested in being in the show, get a sneak peek at the formation dances, and set up a meeting to discuss choreography, song, and dance for your very own solo performance! This is an opportunity to have your very own Dancing with the Stars type of experience!! (Special pricing at Casting Day only!)

CBC Dancesport Competition - Hilton Polaris
Come Watch Thursday-Saturday (THIS WEEK) Ok, so many of you have asked about what happens at a competition? How much do you need to know? What is expected? What do you wear? Can you cheer? All of the answers to these questions can be answered this week at the Polaris Hilton. Only 10min from the studio, you can see a local ballroom competition. We have students competing ProAm (dancing with an instructor) and AmAm (dancing with other students) as well as performing Formations and Solos. It's only $25 to come watch an entire day of dancing, or you can watch the Aaron & Kelsey compete professionally on Friday or Saturday night! Come support The Crystal Ballroom, wear your jacket (if you have one) and cheer on your friends!

Here's when we'll be there!!
Thursday PreComp Seminar: 5pm-6:30pm-Three 30min Classes with judges
Thursday Evening Club Night: 6:30pm-??-Karaoke-Line Dance Competition (Cha Cha Slide)-AmAm Club Dances - Steve Rose & Mira Bojanic
Friday Day: 8am -approx 5pm-ProAm Rhythm - Michael Creamer-AmAm Rhythm - Steve Rose, Mira Bojanic, Shaun Koester, Theresa Alton, Giovanni Lujan, and Mallory-Solo - Michael Creamer-Solo - Theresa Alton-Formation - Tim & Theresa Alton, Chris & Kim Nelson, Giovanni Lujan, Mallory, Shaun Koester, and Amy-ProAm Standard - Michael Creamer
Friday Evening 8pm-??-Professional Rising Star Smooth - Aaron & Kelsy
Saturday Day 8am-approx 5pm-ProAm Smooth - Theresa Alton & Steve Rose-AmAm Smooth - Theresa Alton, Steve Rose, Mira Bojanic, Giovanni Lujan, Mallory, Shaun Koester
Saturday Evening 8pm - ??-Professional Open Smooth - Aaron & Kelsey-Studio/Teacher/Top Student Awards!

Come see a competition live and cheer on your friends!

This week on Friday is our All-Request Line Dance Party, and on Saturday we're hosting our Weekly Ballroom Dance Party!!!

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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