July 10, 2023

Champagne Open House and Amateur Competition Team!

Champagne Open House and Amateur Competition Team!

Hello Everyone, Welcome to June!

As always we've been busy starting new things and dancing our hearts out! :)The biggest thing coming up this month is the opportunity to invite your friends to see how easy it is to dance and experience our friendly relaxed atmosphere at our Champagne Open House with Ballroom Group Class on June 14th! This event is the perfect opportunity for non-dancers to see what we do, enjoy some champagne and Chocolate Covered Strawberries, and learn more about everything that we offer! Call 614-505-8698 or sign up at the front desk with the names of those attending this event!

I'd like to share how excited I am about our Amateur Competition Team. This concept it something I have never seen done in a ballroom studio, but something that I am excited to create for our community. Not everyone has a desire to compete, but many people have a desire to improve their dancing and be part of a social group. I've told you all before that I started dancing because my friends in college nagged me for 6 months about trying out the Dance Club. Let me also tell you about my dancing on the Purdue Ballroom Dance Team! I moved to Indiana in order to pursue an internship in horse training. As soon as I got out there I started looking for opportunities to dance. There was a competitive collegiate team at Purdue University and I thought, this is perfect, I already know how to dance, I'll fit right in! Well, it wasn't quite that easy, I immediately had my eyes opened that there was more to dancing than being able to socially follow, there was footwork, there was practice to advance your balance and posture and skills. This opened a whole new world to me of feeling movement through my body and achieving the next level in dancing. At Purdue we prided ourselves on showing up to the competitions looking sharp and being prepared to win, not because we had 1000 steps, but because we knew how to engage our bodies and have fun. My goal for our Amateur Competition Team is help you achieve VERY solid understanding of the basics. I will be pushing you to build great habits of posture, footwork, and movement. THEN we can add the expression and beauty that makes dance an art! The Amateur Team began this past Saturday, and our first official practice is this coming Saturday... Please call 614-505-8698 or message "Amy Ross Dance" on Facebook if you have any questions or are considering joining the team. I'd love to include you and help your dancing reach the next level!

This Friday is our Student Appreciation Party (if you take weekly private lessons we hope to see you there), Saturday is our Awesome Weekly Ballroom Dance Party! (By the way, it has been asked of me if people can just come to a party to watch the dancing and enjoy David's singing. The answer is YES, we welcome anyone to come join us for an evening of dancing! It's $15 for the entire dance, or you can purchase a membership to cut the cost from there!)

P.S. I don't know if you noticed, but my wonderful husband completely refinished our main ballroom floor over Memorial Day. If you get a chance, thank him for his work and care!

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