July 10, 2023

Coaching Opportunities TODAY

Coaching Opportunities TODAY

Hello Everyone!

Buckeye Open Showcase & Gala!
Thank you to everyone who attended the event we organized on Sunday! The 2nd Annual Buckeye Open Showcase went off without a hitch and we were happy to support 11 Solos, 5 Formations, 4 Professional Numbers as well as a large group attending dinner and dancing throughout the evening at the beautiful Valley Dale Ballroom! Let us know if you are interested in purchasing a USB of the videos for $25. I'm excited thinking about how we can partner and grow this event next year! Photos should be up this week for viewing and purchase at tjwehrungphotography.com/gallery

Coaching Opportunities Today!!!!  (Monday July 25th)
This year we spared no expense in bringing in 3 amazing coaches for the Showcase.  Because of the Buckeye Open Showcase, you can personally take a 45 minutes coaching with one of the following judges, or attend their Master Classes! It's only $60 to attend all 3 Master Classes (that's 120 minutes of great information from top coaches!) or $190 to get personalized 45 minute coaching with one of these experts!

Maria Hansen is wonderful for helping you understand the human skeletal and muscular system in order to use your body naturally to create relaxed beautiful movements and dancing. 

Times still available (call 614-505-8698 to reserve)

Attend her Master Class "Dynamic Expression through a Coordinated Body" at 6:15pm!

Donald Johnson helps people achieve new levels of dancing through relating concepts to movement and creating expression through the body. 

Times still available (call 614-505-8698 to reserve)

Attend his Master Class "Having a Rhythmical Core" at 7:00pm!

Nathan Daniels gives clear directions to solidify basics that will effect the entire body during movement. 

Times still available (call 614-505-8698 to reserve)
3:15pm or 4:00pm
Attend his Master Class "Inner Thigh Awareness" at 7:45pm!

Don't miss the 3 Master Classes that night 6:15-7:45... you'll get a chance to learn from each coach and grow your dancing for only $60 (normal price $90)!

LaBlast Audition Scheduled - August 4th (6:15pm)
We will be auditioning a few LaBlast Instructors to see who would be the best fit for our Thursday Night LaBlast Class.  This is an opportunity to try Ballroom Dance Fitness for FREE, and help us make a decision of who is the right fit for this class.  Join us on August 4th as Shannon Kazee leads us in an energetic, fun, ballroom dance workout!!

Brittany's Send Off Celebration - July 30th!
Although we are sad to see her move on from The Crystal Ballroom, we are excited to announce that Brittany has been offered an opportunity to work as an Archeologist in Virginia.  While we will always be thankful for the years Brittany has spent with us, we are excited to celebrate her next adventure by having a Send Off Celebration & Dance Party at our Party on July 30th!  Bring along a fun memory to share with Brittany and enjoy cake and dancing as we wish her well on her journey!

This week on Friday we have a Karaoke Dance Party, and on Saturday join us for our Wonderful Weekly Ballroom Dance Party (including a Send-Off Celebration for Brittany)!!!

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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