September 27, 2021

Creations & Collaborations at The Crystal Ballroom - Sept 27th Newsletter

Creations & Collaborations at The Crystal Ballroom - Sept 27th Newsletter

Hello Everyone!!

This week has been a great week of collaboration and creation!

We are currently casting our next showcase and would love to star you in your very own SOLO number! If you've watched "Dancing with the Stars" and always thought it'd be fun to dance with a professional and get trained to perform a showstopping routine, this is your opportunity! Our showcase will be on December 18th, so this gives you over 2 months to learn choreography to perform! You automatically get a Video of your dancing, tickets for friends, 20 private lessons, choreography, and performance coachings with the Solo Performer Package! This is an experience of a lifetime and we're looking for 5 more performers to create a fantastic routine with.

The one thing I think people don't understand about showcases is that it's not just about being a star and performing, it's about having a goal, focusing on that goal and getting completely prepared to crush that goal! :) If you have a dance you've always wanted to nail down and be good at, this will push you! If you've wanted to increase your confidence on the dance floor, this will create confidence! If you've wanted to start expressing your dancing better and more, this will give you the time and focus to become more expressive! Let's Improve your dancing, and have a great time as a Showcase Soloist!!

So, if a solo sounds too intimidating right now, did you know we also have a formation number?! This is a group number with people partnered up and dancing a waltz! Think of it as a Waltz Group Class with a performance at the end! Aaron has choreographed a really nice waltz number to "Christmastime is Here" and Brittany will begin teaching the choreography on Monday October 11th at 6:15pm. This is a 10 week commitment (of course you can miss 1 or 2, just be sure to practice to catch up!) Don't worry guys, the choreography is completed and on tape and you will feel completely prepared before the performance! If you enjoy "Charlie Brown", then give this one a shot!! :)

I'd also like to tell you about our current collaborations!

We have been working on creating a fun Afro-Latin Night each month, and are excited to tell you that Poppa KD, Shalon Wheeler, and DJ MazR (three of the biggest names in Columubus) have approached us to host their monthly KBS Night! This night is a mixture of Kizomba, Bachata, and Salsa. Poppa KD is an internationally known Kizomba Artist and will be bringing his own talent as well as that of others to town at The Crystal Ballroom! If you have any interest in the Afro-Latin community please join us for the Black & White Kickoff Party on October 9th at 10:15pm! :) All you need to do is mention "The Crystal Ballroom" to get a special price of $10 for the entire evening! Group class is at 10:15pm, Party is 11pm-2am!

We are also talking with a few Country Line Dance instructors to see if it is possible to bring in a Country Night at The Crystal Ballroom, stay tuned for this creation! :)

Thank you all for joining us for this journey and getting involved in our events! Check out the October Calendar and...

...let's allconnect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

Amy Ross
The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center

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Amy Ross

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