July 10, 2023

Disney Showcase Success, Donald Johnson and Trunk Show!

Disney Showcase Success, Donald Johnson and Trunk Show!


I'd like to thank EVERYONE who performed in our studio showcase on Saturday Night. If you missed this show, you will want to purchase the recording! We had 17 unique numbers including formations, solos, Disney-themed dances and creative costumes! We had over 110 people at the showcase and couldn't help but LOVE every moment of it! The 70 people that stayed for dinner and dancing kept telling us how much they appreciated the event, and I have to say these events are really the highlights of our studio! To see so many people loving dance, creating a community where we can all get to know each other!! :) I just love it!! As well as being thankful to every performer for your hard work and progress, I'd also like to thank the best Ballroom Staff EVER! Thank you to Ann, Don, Aaron, Brittany, Cedric and Kelsey! You each had such a huge piece of this, from creating great ideas, to choreography, to teaching, to helping with behind the scenes, to keeping things moving, to organizing my messes! Thank you so much for taking great care of everyone who walks through the door! David, thank you for everything you do behind the DJ booth! From MCing the event, to hyping the crowd, to using your fantastic voice to bring live music into the ballroom, to finding as many Disney songs as possible to include in the evening to finding the things I forget at home and bringing them to me! I couldn't do any of this without you, and I love you!

Moving on.... Don't forget that tonight we have another Master Class with one of our amazing coaches. The Master Class is with Donald Johnson tonight at 7pm! Donald is Ballroom Royalty as a Competitor, Adjudicator, Educator, Dancevision Examiner, Youth Coach and more! Don't miss the chance to learn Rhythm from him tonight at 7pm!

Remember to mark your calendars for April 23rd. This is our first annual Open Ballroom "Trunk" Show! This is an opportunity for you to bring in your lightly used ballroom shoes, practice wear, dresses, jewelry, costumes, and more... and shop through a variety of other's! There is no fee for vendors or individuals to bring along items to buy, sell or trade! Along with the trunk show, we will also be passing out information about The Buckeye Open Showcase on July 24th. This is a full day showcase performance! Put together a fresh dance number (no matter where you dance regularly) and join us for the fun!!

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