July 10, 2023

FAQ About Our New Year's Eve Party and Upcoming Events

FAQ About Our New Year's Eve Party and Upcoming Events

Hello Everyone!

WOW!!!! What a Showcase! Thank you to the staff, all of the performers, and our wonderful audience for making the showcase this past Saturday one of our BEST yet! The comradery and community we've developed over the past couple of months has been a beautiful thing to watch! When David and I opened The Crystal Ballroom in December 2018, our goal was to create a customer focused business with a community of people who enjoyed dancing and learning to dance while caring about each other. This showcase was entertaining, took a lot of work from everyone involved, and not only showcased our performers, but also showcased the environment that we've been dreaming of creating! Thanks again to everyone who participated!

The next event happening at our studio is our Music of the Night: New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball! This is an opera-themed evening of dance and celebration!

Here are the answers to the most common questions!

1. Do I need to have a partner?
NO!!! :) Most of our regular students dance with everyone when they are at parties, PLUS, the entire Crystal Ballroom staff is there to dance with you on New Year's Eve!

2. What is covered in the cost?
Doors open at 7:30pm, and Tom Wehrung will be our event photographer! There is a complimentary photo included, and you can get photos taken between 7:30 and 8:30pm, a fantastic catered dinner from Berwick begins at 8:00pm. Beverages will be served before dinner (we do not serve alcohol, but you are more than welcome to bring your own). We will then have a themed evening of dancing and music with beautiful décorfrom 9:00pm until Midnight. This is a chance to experience the magic of a masquerade ball, enjoy great music, and spend time dancing with everyone. We will then do a countdown to midnight and celebrate bringing in the New Year Together with a champagne toast!

3. What should I wear?This event is as formal as you'd like! We encourage long dresses, tuxedos and masques. As a dancer I tend to wear a dress I feel comfortable dancing in! Wear whatever makes you feel celebratory for New Year's Eve! :)

4. How long do I have to purchase tickets?
The early-bird pricing has ended, and the food is being ordered this week, however we can continue to add food until a few days before the event. The sooner you let us know you're coming, the more likely we are to be prepared to make your evening amazing! As long as we have ordered enough food, we will try to accommodate your RSVP (even up to the day of the event).

CLICK HERE, call 614-505-8698, or stop by the studio to purchase tickets to New Year's Eve!

This week we have a couple of things happening before our Holiday Break...

1. New Group Class/Workshop on Wednesday
Join Kelsey for a 1x Class on Power & Grace: Smooth Dynamics. Learn how to balance out the bodily expression in your smooth dances from a currently competing smooth professional and former ballerina/ice skater!

2. Rounds Night Thursday
Bring along a dance partner or dance with your instructor at Rounds Night! If you are competing or preparing to compete this is a great opportunity to get some feedback and experience the intensity of dancing full-out on the floor with other couples!

3. Holiday Ballroom Party Friday
This is our regular weekly Saturday Party, just on a Friday this week since Saturday will be Christmas Eve! We do have some guests coming in from out of town to celebrate with us and we're looking forward to dancing the night away with you all!

Next month these events should be on your calendar!

1. Competition Team Kick-Off Night!!
Thursday January 5th - 7:45pm The first Thursday in January we are inviting you to check out the Competition Team! Whether you are interested in improving your dancing, you'd like more practice with the basics, or you just like immediate feedback and critiques. This is an opportunity to be in a supportive learning environment. Learn about the new programming options, cost, and how to get involved!

(You can also set up a meeting with me to discuss if The Competition Team is a good fit for your goals by texting 614-526-9444!)

2. Youth Open House
Saturday January 7th - Noon (12pm) The first Saturday in January we are inviting all youth (ages 3-18) to join us for our Youth Open House Class & Party. We will teach a class, give parents a chance to ask questions, and get students enrolled for the New Year!

3. Casting Day
Saturday January 28th - 5:30pm The last Saturday in January join us to become part of our next Showcase! Get a sneak peak at the new Formations, Get pricing, and Sign up!

This Friday we have our our Holiday Ballroom Dance Party, then next week the studio and lessons will be by appointment only as we take our holiday break!!

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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