July 10, 2023

Five Myths to BUST about Competition

Five Myths to BUST about Competition

Hello Everyone,

If you were at our Las Vegas Experience Dance on Saturday Night, you know it was the best dance yet at The Crystal Ballroom! Everyone there was able to enjoy a great dinner, dancing, and "gambling" as well as experience a live Vegas Show with Showgirls and Elvis! Can't wait until I can share all of the photos with you (check here in a few days for photos to purchase from Professional Photographer Tom Wehrung)! Thank you for attending our event! I am so thankful every day for all of you who are part of our community!

The Crystal Ballroom Competition Team
5 Myths to BUST about Competition
The next big thing happening in our planning of 2022 here at the Crystal Ballroom is the Competition Season. Let's BUST some myths about competition...

Myth #1: I'm not good enough to compete
Did you know that when you compete, you compete against people at your level, and in your age category? So you're never too old to start competing, and you can compete after you know 3-5 steps in a dance! Also, just setting this goal for yourself will improve your dancing... so, are you too good to get better?

Myth #2: Competition is for those people who dance 10-20 hours per week!
Actually, most competitors take 2-3 private lessons per week. They compete for the social engagement, to set goals for their dancing, dress up, and have fun being part of a group! Think of this as a 5K for dancers. The goal of finishing is enough for many, those who want to cross the finish line first take it more seriously and train hard, the rest of us have fun with the journey, enjoy the experience, and find that the goal has helped us improve.

Myth #3: Competition dancers can't social dance
Although many of us have experienced this on the social dance floor. This is not supposed to be the case. Great dancers are great dancers. Learning to connect, move together, balance, transfer weight, and be completely confident in a few dance steps are great social skills that also make you a better dancer for competition. The technique, foot and body usage, as well as posture and frame necessary to compete improve your appearance, and ability on the social dance floor. Both social dancing and competition combined make you a well-rounded dancer who can enjoy their dancing to the fullest!

Myth #4: If I compete I must go to every competition
Many of our competitive students choose 1-4 competitions to focus on each year. Again, if you want to be on the circuit and do it all, you are more than welcome, but there is no expectation for you to do more than you would enjoy!

Myth #5: I need to have a dance partner/ I need to dance with a Professional
Incorrect. Traditionally ProAm (student dancing with their teacher) is the most common way to compete ballroom. In that case, your instructor is your dance partner, so don't worry about finding another dance partner. The Crystal Ballroom is also working on putting together an Amateur Team, so let us know if you would like to go as a group and compete with other amateurs. This is something most studios don't offer and we will be building to include more people and keep cost down. Please let me know if you're interested in joining this team!

A few fun competitions we plan to attend this year are listed below
Commentary from Champions (in Studio) on February 27th
New World Dancesport (at Greek Orthodox Church downtown Columbus) May 27th-28th
Volunteer State (in Nashville Tennessee) on July 28th-30th
Columbus Ballroom Challenge (in Columbus Area) on August 18th-20th
Queen City Ball (in Cincinnati) end of October
Ohio Star Ball (in Columbus) November 15th-20th
Holiday Dance Classic (in Las Vegas Nevada) December 7th-11th

As soon as Commentary from Champions is done, we will be scheduling individual meetings with those who are interested in competing with us for the rest of the year. These meetings will be our opportunity to plan out your progress, goals, and budget for competitions. Please let me know if you want to be part of our ProAm Competitors, or AmAm Competitors!

Again, don't forget tonight is ourValentine's Day Date Night Class at 6:15pm!
RSVP is preferred to be sure we have enough roses and chocolates. Just call 614-505-8698 to let us know you'll be coming, you can still pay at the door. Couples will spend 45 minutes in each other's arms, learning and laughing together. If you have a significant other and you've not been to one of our Date-Night Classes, you NEED to check this out. Just imagine an entire group class where you can stay with your significant other, the lights are dimmed for atmosphere, and you get the chance to move together. You'll learn a few romantic rumba steps, spend some quality time together, and leave with a rose and chocolate to top off the night! If you have friends or family who have always talked about going dancing with their spouse, be sure they are invited! Here's the facebook event link

Deadline has been extended for ourCommentary from Champions: Mini-Match with Kimberley Mitchell
The event is on February 27th from 11am-approx 3pm
Entries are due before February 20th.

For those of you who enjoy setting a goal and improving your dancing, this annual event will give you the opportunity to push yourself. We promote a friendly team atmosphere to encourage new and old dancers to show off their steps. Kimberley Mitchell will be giving commentary for each dance. Please ask an instructor for more details or to get signed up. New deadline is next Sunday February 20th!

Let's Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

Amy Ross
The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center

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