July 10, 2023

Florida Retreat, Buckeye Open Showcase Tickets, Coachings and a Farewell

Florida Retreat, Buckeye Open Showcase Tickets, Coachings and a Farewell

Hello Everyone!

LaBlast Retreat in beautiful Florida
Did you know we just took a trip to Florida? We stayed at the Don Cesar on beautiful St. Pete's Beach and had a wonderful time dancing, swimming, dolphin watching, and being inspired by Louis Van Amstel! Thanks Jody, Evolet, Sherry, Melinda, and Brittany for joining me! Who wants to go to paradise next July!?

Buckeye Open Showcase & Gala!
The Annual Buckeye Open Showcase is this coming Sunday! I can't believe it's already here! Tickets are still on sale to join us for dinner until Wednesday! If you enjoy watching great performances, eating delicious food, and dancing with wonderful people, ask about tickets today! Call 614-505-8698 by Wednesday to secure your ticket to this Formal/Semiformal Event! This is an event you truly won't want to miss!

Coaching Opportunities on Monday July 25th!
Because of the Buckeye Open Showcase, we will have 3 wonderful coaches in the studio all day Monday! This means that you can advance your dancing, get new choreography, or get clear direction for your lessons or performances!

Maria Hansen is wonderful for helping you understand the human skeletal and muscular system in order to use your body naturally to create relaxed beautiful movements and dancing. Her Master Class will be at 6:15pm.

Donald Johnson helps people achieve new levels of dancing through relating concepts to movement and creating expression through the body. His Master Class will be at 7:00pm.

Nathan Daniels gives clear directions to solidify basics that will effect the entire body during movement. His Master Class will be at 7:45pm

Don't miss the 3 Master Classes that night 6:15-7:45... you'll get a chance to learn from each coach and grow your dancing!

Send Off Celebration - July 30th!
About 4 years ago David and I had a vision. We wanted to open a dance studio in Columbus where quality of dance, friendliness of people, customer service and community were our pillars. We had seen great competition studios and great social studios, but had not had a chance to see a studio where multiple genres were promoted to all ages, incomes and priorities. The Crystal Ballroom was planned, we hadn't yet signed a lease, but realized that when we opened we would need some serious help. October 19th, 2018 we received an application from a girl named Brittany. She was added to our docket of potential instructors and we planned an interview. The next week we hadn't yet signed our lease, picked out a color for the walls, or started promoting the studio yet... but we had found our first wonderful team member. Brittany impressed us with her friendliness, love for dancing, and willingness to step out of her day to day job as an archeologist to pursue sharing joy with others and taking the risk of working for a brand new business! Since then, we have shared 9 showcases, multiple competitions, group classes, parties, lessons and countless hours with Brittany. She has inspired people to dance, to accept themselves, and believe in themselves. She has made us all laugh, appreciate life and learn new slang. She has achieved a level of professional dancing, artistry, teaching, and choreography that many only dream of. Although we are sad to see her move on from The Crystal Ballroom, we are excited to announce that Brittany and James have been offered another opportunity. Brittany's significant other has been offered a promotion in Virginia and Brittany immediately got offered a position in archeology there as well. While we will always be thankful for the years Brittany has spent with us, we are excited to celebrate her next adventure by having a Send Off Celebration & Dance Party at our Party on July 30th! Bring along a fun memory to share with Brittany and enjoy cake and dancing as we wish her well on her journey!

This week on Friday we have our 4th Friday West Coast Swing Dance, and on Saturday join us for our Wonderful Weekly Ballroom Dance Party, then Sunday don't miss the Buckeye Open Showcase & Gala!!!

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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Amy Ross

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