April 26, 2021

No Partner Needed for Masked Mixers! - March 22nd, 2021

No Partner Needed for Masked Mixers! - March 22nd, 2021

Originally published March 22, 2021

Hello everyone!

So, I am not a natural writer, but I'd like to start putting a letter in each of our emails to share what is happening and what things The Crystal Ballroom Team and I are developing behind the scenes.

First of all, we are so thankful to all of those who have supported us through Membership, Purchase of Lessons, and Attendance during the past year.  It has been a full year since the pandemic prevented many of you from being a regular part of our studio, and we are grateful for all of the support during that time.

Secondly, we have been monitoring the State of Ohio's mandates and Health and Safety standards, we even called the Ohio Department of Health this week to check on what we are allowed to offer at this time.  They told us that everything we've done up to this point has been within their guidelines and they are in full support of our Masked Mixer Parties, as well as our Saturday DJ'd Practice Parties.  

If you are one of the many people who has been waiting for the opportunity to attend a party and enjoy dancing and socializing with the whole dance community, this month we started offering the "Masked Mixer" dance parties.  At these parties it is possible for us to all socialize and dance with one another.  Masks are required, and we need to disinfect hands between partners as well as avoiding the dances if we feel under the weather at all.  Next Month we will continue growing our Friday Dance Program by offering a dance every week.  First Friday will be West Coast Swing, Second and Fourth Friday will be Ballroom, Third Friday will be North Side Latin, and when we have a 5th Friday we will offer a dance specifically for our Private Lesson Students!

I hope you all are as excited as I am to have the opportunity to dance with everyone!  Of course as we start into social dances again, we will be careful to follow The Ohio Department of Health's rules and open up more as we are able.

See you all on the dance floor!
Let's all Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

Amy Ross

The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center

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Amy Ross

Owner & Instructor

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