July 10, 2023

Independence Day Sales and Potluck and still time to join the West Coast Swing Rally!

Independence Day Sales and Potluck and still time to join the West Coast Swing Rally!

Hello Everyone: Here's what's going on! :)

First of all, we have decided to offer 2 great deals for an Independence Day Sale! For those of you who are Auto-Renewing Members of The Crystal Ballroom, or those who are currently taking Private lessons, we have a sweet little BOGO Offer. Buy 1 Lesson at full price ($109) and get a 2nd Private Lesson for Free. That's 2 Private Lessons for $109! This deal is limited to 1 per customer (a couple taking lessons together = 1 customer). Our 2nd Deal is a Private Lesson Package Sale! 40 Private Lessons for $3,000.00! These lessons expire January 1, 2023. This deal is on the table until July 5th!

Don't miss our Independence Day Potluck! We provide the hotdogs and hamburgers, you contribute to the potluck so we have a well-rounded feast! Don't miss out on the prizes for best dishes and most patriotic outfits. This event is only $5 for Members and $20 for Non-Members! Remember to Pre-Register and let us know what you're bringing!

Congrats to The Crystal Ballroom 5K Team for another nice race on Father's Day! We met in Westerville at the High School Cross-Country Course and enjoyed a morning run in perfect weather! Thanks everyone for showing up! We enjoyed your company and raised money for a great cause!

Lastly, the West Coast Swing International Rally is in full SWING (pun intended)! :) Our classes have been going a couple of weeks, but newbies can still join! We will be starting into Part C this week on both Thursday and Saturday, and hope you will join us to learn this WCS Routine to dance around Columbus in September! Reach out if you have any questions about if you are at a level where you could do this Rally!

This Friday is our West Coast Swing Night, Saturday is our Awesome Weekly Ballroom Dance Party!

Let's all Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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