July 10, 2023

LaBlast Retreat in Florida and a Dance Wear Sale

LaBlast Retreat in Florida and a Dance Wear Sale

Hello Everyone,

We are organizing a group to attend the LaBlast Retreat in St. Pete's Beach Florida in July! I have been to the LaBlast Retreat twice and can tell you it is an awesome experience with supportive and friendly people. Louis Van Amstel, his family, and Master Trainers from all over the country put together great music, great energy, great passion and share with all of us! You will get the chance to experience class with multiple instructors, dance in the pool, have some beach time, stay in the beautiful Don Cesar Hotel on the beach, and celebrate Saturday night at the Gala! Don't miss this vacation and fitness event that will help you find another new supportive family! Let Brittany know you want to come and even tell us if you'd like to have a roommate! We will be helping to organize with everyone!

On a different note, we are offering a new opportunity on April 23rd! Many people in ballroom dance have purchased dresses, or shoes that they no longer wear, enjoy, or they never fit right in the first place... we are offering a chance for you to buy, sell, or trade any ballroom clothing, shoes, dresses, or accessories that you would like. Join us for our first annual Open Ballroom "Trunk" Show! There is no fee for vendors or individuals to bring along items to buy, sell or trade! Just let me know if you need space to display! This is being presented by The Buckeye Open Showcase! (Speaking of, save the date for the showcase on July 24th this year!)

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Amy Ross

Owner & Instructor

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