April 26, 2021

Learn how to earn rewards in our May Lesson Drive! - April 19th, 2021

Learn how to earn rewards in our May Lesson Drive! - April 19th, 2021

Hello All!

I am so excited to announce we are doing a Lesson Drive in May to "GROW OUR STUDIO!" The more people that come into the studio and have a great experience, the more people will think of The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center as a place to recommend, take lessons, and send their children!  I am always so excited to see how people's confidence and joy increases when dancing, let's share that feeling with the world! (we certainly could all use some joy and movement right about now)

What's the Goal?

The goal is to teach 100 Introductory Lessons in the Month of May with your help!  We will be offering these lessons at the discounted price of $15 each (Personalized Lessons are individually priced at $99).

Who to ask?

The best people to invite to participate in this special are your friends/family/coworkers that live within 30min of the studio.  They can come in with a partner, or come in by themselves and learn directly from one of our instructors.  Did you know you actually learn faster when taking lessons by yourself!?

How does this benefit you?

First, we all benefit by sharing our love of dance with those around us.  This grows our community, grows our studio, adds energy to our events, and gives the studio the ability to continue to offer better events/ dances/ instructors and more!

Secondly, we are excited to reward you for inviting your friends.  When the people you refer come in for their lesson, you get rewards!  If they decide to purchase a package of lessons, you receive a complimentary dance lesson as well!

Refer 2 Lessons - Get $10 Crystal Ballroom Bucks
Refer 5 Lessons - Get $30 Crystal Ballroom Bucks
Refer 10 Lessons - Get $99 Crystal Ballroom Bucks
If they Buy a Package - Get a Private Lesson for you!
Top Advocate Who Refers the Most People gets a 10 Private Lesson Package!!

If you have never taken a private lesson at The Crystal Ballroom, please schedule!
If you have a friend who could benefit from dancing, please refer them!
If you are looking for a great gift... buy an Introductory Private Lesson!
If you know anyone getting married... send them our way!
If you have specific dances or goals you want to achieve... let's make a plan to achieve them!

Help Us Grow
with this
May Lesson Drive
and Introductory Lesson Special!!!

Let's all Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

Amy Ross

The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center

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Amy Ross

Owner & Instructor

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