March 7, 2022

March deal - 50% off Unlimited Fitness Classes!

March deal - 50% off Unlimited Fitness Classes!

Hello Everyone,

This past weekend we represented Ballroom Dancing and LaBlast Fitness at The Arnold Fitness Expo and had a great time trying out many other dance fitness classes while there. Thanks to Steve Rose, Kathy Pinto, Paula Ison and Patrick Harroff and Rafael for joining us on Sunday for the ballroom demo!

Speaking of Fitness, this week is a great week to see what it's all about. This month only you can get 50% off our Unlimited Fitness Classes if you haven't already tried any. This means for $30 you can attend all of the Stretch and LaBlast Classes this month! Also, we have our 5K Team Meeting on Wednesday at 6:15pm. Although you don't need to attend to be part of the team, this is an opportunity to see what 5Ks we are planning and get signed up! If you would like to sponsor the team, this is also a great time to join us.

We've just announced the Jonathan Roberts Master Class & Coachings on March 28th and 29th. Jonathan has extensive experience and is perfect to choreograph for you, or coach on smooth or even showcase numbers. He has limited availability, so let us know soon if you'd like to sign up for a coaching with this Dancing with the Stars Alum!

This week we have our Private Lesson Student Party (for those taking at least 1 regular private lesson per week), then we'll see you Saturday for our weekly Ballroom Dance Party!!

Let's Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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Amy Ross

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