April 17, 2023

Master Class with Jonathan Roberts tonight and Ohio Dance Camp this weekend!

Master Class with Jonathan Roberts tonight and Ohio Dance Camp this weekend!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to another update from The Crystal Ballroom!

Tonight we have the opportunity to learn from the 1 and Only Jonathan Roberts! At 7pm you have the chance to drop in for a Master Class with one of our fantastic coaches! Don't miss learning from one of the best for only $30!

This week we are also hosting the Ohio Dance Camp, thanks to Maura for choosing to work with us! If you are looking for just the right pair of shoes, A Dancer in Your Shoes will be in the building Friday and Saturday! Friday night for only $25, you will get the chance to dance with many of the out-of-town guests at the Ohio Dance Camp Party! This is a 3-hour dance party with performances by World Champions Standard Couple - Dmitry & Olga!

Mark your calendars for May 20th!!!! Y'all know in the studio we have a tv that typically shows one of our Showcases, well, don't miss the live and in-person showcase in May. May 20th the doors will open at Dublin Coffman High School at 12pm for our Under the Big Top Open Showcase! The show starts on May 20th at 1pm and will end by 5:30pm. Not only will there be over 20 Solo Performances, but there are also demonstrations of competition style single dance heats (one dance performed on stage with 1-2 other couples) with commentary from Kimberley Mitchell. For an expedited experience at the door, purchase tickets in advance!

Along with that day being our Showcase, we also have a Circus Themed Dinner/Dance in the evening!  7pm is the catered buffet dinner, then 8-10pm is our circus themed dance party! Tickets are on sale now, and the Early Bird Price is valid until May 6th! (All attendees also get FREE entrance into the Showcase earlier in the day!)

This Friday is the Ohio Dance Camp Party at 7:00pm with Performances by World Champions! Then Saturday is our Wonderful Saturday Night Dance Party (preceded by two levels of Tango Group Classes)!

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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