July 10, 2023

Memberships, Upcoming Classes and Your Vote!

Memberships, Upcoming Classes and Your Vote!

Hi Everyone!

We have some fantastic new group classes starting up in June, and I just want to give you a quick preview! Every one of these group classes is available under our Memberships. If you come to all 45 of our group classes and parties in June with our Unlimited Crystal Membership, it only costs $1.75 each!

Drop In = $15
Basic Membership (come to 5 classes/parties per month) = $35 (only $7 per class or party)
Enhanced Membership (come to 10 classes/parties per month) = $55 (only $5.50 per class or party)
Unlimited Crystal Membership (come to unlimited classes/parties per month) = $79. (Only $1.75 per class or party **45 classes & parties offered in June!**)

Starting Thursday June 2nd 8:30pm and Saturday June 4th 12:30pm
International West Coast Swing Rally
Cedric and Amy each teach one class a week of this fun routine. You can see routine HERE. Every year Olivier Massart choreographs a routine to be performed all over the world on the first Saturday in September. At the Crystal Ballroom we teach this routine in regular group classes up until that time and help organize the performances on that Saturday around Columbus. This is a great way to be part of a worldwide movement, as well as get comfortable with dancing some West Coast Swing!

Starting Monday June 6th
Body Movement in American Rhythm
Brittany is teaching this 6 week series to help everyone improve their connection to the floor, as well as movement through ankels, knees, hips, and ribcage. Get ready feel the movement through your entire body!

Starting Wednesday June 15th
Introduction to Silver Foxtrot
Kelsey is continuing your knowledge in Silver smooth movement right after we finish the Intro to Silver Waltz class. Intro to Silver Foxtrot is a 6 week series for those of you who want to move faster around the floor, and swing through the movements smoothly while communicating clearly with your partner.

Starting Thursday June 23rd
Cedric is teaching the class you VOTE for! Click HERE to vote! You can either learn
"Brilliance through Bolero" a 6-week series focusing on learning the first 7 steps of Bolero along with some technique to get you moving smoothly
"Mambo Magic" a 6-week series focusing on differentiating your Mambo from Salsa

So far we've got a good representation of The Crystal Ballroom at our Buckeye Open Showcase! If you still want to perform there is time to have your Dancing with the Stars Experience! Our package includes 20 lessons, 2 performance coachings, choreography, tickets for your friends to come watch, as well as a ticket for you to enjoy the performances plus the dinner and dancing at the end of the night at the beautiful and historic Valley Dale Ballroom! Tickets go on sale soon to come enjoy the evening of TOP performances, dinner, and dancing!

This Friday and Saturday is our West Coast Swing Workshop Weekend with Jesse Lopez & Ariel Peck! We will still have our Weekly Ballroom Dance Party on Saturday from 8-10, however the group class beforehand is $20 (not included in Membership) since it's part of our West Coast Swing Workshop Weekend!!

Let's Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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