January 23, 2023

New Programs, Competition Team, Casting Day, Valetine's Day Formal

New Programs, Competition Team, Casting Day, Valetine's Day Formal

Hello Everyone!

This weekend I had the chance to spend 3 days at Derby City Swing (WCS Competition in Louisville KY) with some awesome people and dancers. Although I may not have been the most outgoing and social person the entire weekend, I did get a chance to reflect on what it's like to break into a community, how it feels to come from a humbled position and achieve progress, and how taking the pressure off can open up doors to feeling safe and included. Thank you to everyone for supporting my West Coast Swing journey, helping me put together a puzzle, and dancing with me!Sometimes it's nice to get away and reflect on what's happening, what could increase involvement in our dance community, and how to support growth and learning in the studio. This week I am announcing a new program, a low pressure way to start into a current program, and how our February is stacking up!

EVERY Thursday join us for a class and practice session! Let's build the West Coast Swing Community!I have been asked quite a few times lately if The Crystal Ballroom can offer more West Coast Swing, I understand the other opportunities in town are not weekly, therefore, I am starting a weekly class to give all of the Westies (and wanna be Westies) a chance to dance, learn, and practice every Thursday! We will be teaching 2 levels of classes at 8:30pm, followed at 9:15 by a practice session! If you've ever wanted to start dancing West Coast Swing, or just want to get to the point of being comfortable leading or following, these classes are your opportunity! Check out our first class/practice on February 9th!!

Intro to Competition Team Classes
No Pressure way to dip your toes in the Comp Team Waters!
Starting February 9th, this class uses your current membership to try out beginner competition team classes in a low-pressure, no commitment way. If you choose to continue, you can join the Monthly Competition Team next! EVERY Thursday at 7:45pm while the Team is practicing, join us to begin to learn the routines and basic techniques!

Talk to an instructor about ideas they have to include you in Formations and Showcases!
- January 28th, 2023 at 5:30pm
Join us for all of the details, preview the Formations, and join the cast of the show! You can choose a song or theme of your choice, OR participate in our Circus THEME! Think of acrobats, Dumbo, The Greatest Showman, clowns, Madagascar, contortionists.... etc!

"You're the One That I Want" 1950s PROM!!!!
February 18th, 2023 at 7:00pm
As always, you DO NOT need a partner to come participate in this fun themed ballroom dance! As always, we go ALL OUT with our big events, catered buffet, themed atmosphere, photo opportunity and more!!!
Early Bird Pricing is until February 4th - $70 for Members, $85 for Non-Members. You can purchase tickets by clicking HERE, or call the studio at 614-505-8698!

VEGAS OPEN DANCE CHALLENGE (click here for promo video)
Join us for a dance vacation and competition... Groupies are welcome!!
March 2nd-4thText 614-526-9444 to set up a meeting to learn more about how you can be involved, what to budget for, or to ask questions about this or other competitions!

Coming Soon...In Studio
Dance Vision Testing
Wedding Couple Group Class

Check out the Commemorative Photos from our New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball: Music of the Night HERE!

Attend the Most Group Classes & Parties in Jan-March to WIN!
Here's the Updated Leaderboard! Remember to check in with the instructor, or whoever is at the front desk to be sure you've been counted for classes & parties!

17 - Jianli Bick
17 - Teresa Trees
16 - Theresa Alton
12 - Mark Lesman
12 - Randy Iske
10 - Joe Widenhofer
10 - Kelly Widenhofer
9 - Sophia Larick
9 - Tim Alton
9 - Rebecca Thrush
7 - JoAnna Mahoney

This Saturday join us for Casting Day at 5:30pm, and our Weekly Ballroom Dance Party at 8:00pm (preceded by 2 levels of group classes at 7:00pm-Introductory & Continuing)!!

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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