July 10, 2023

Our 5K Team, Donald Johnson Master Class and More!

Our 5K Team, Donald Johnson Master Class and More!

Hello Everyone,

If you wondered what we do as a 5K team, we have fun, we walk, we run, we REPRESENT :) So far, we've made it to 2 of our expected 12 5Ks of the year! Congrats to David Rea and Darla Doss for placing in the top 3 in their age divisions at the Safari 5K at the zoo! If you'd still like to join the team, our next 5K is the Dr. Tombaugh Dash on Father's Day! We will be doing another shirt order and adding to the team with a deadline of June 1st. So far we've had a wide range of runners and walkers... times varying between 25 minutes and 1 hour. If you can walk/run 3.1 miles and would enjoy getting up and spending time with all of us on a Saturday or Sunday morning, please consider joining the team, we've all had a nice time so far.

Today we are lucky to have Donald Johnson back in the studio! I will personally say that I have never learned so much about dancing in such a short period of time. Donald truly helped take my understanding of dancing to another level and I'm excited to test with him and learn more from him through his Master Class and Coachings the next 2 days! If you are looking for a way to push through a block, take your dancing to another level, or even just have a GREAT coaching, you will love working with Donald! Book one of the few coachings left by calling me at 614-526-9444! The Master Class is a great way to get some input in a group class setting. Donald Johnson's Master Class is at 7pm tonight!

The last 2 years we have helped to teach and organize the Columbus group of dancers who are doing the International West Coast Swing Rally! Think of this as a West Coast Swing Flash Mob that is danced all over the world on September 3rd. In Columbus we choose a few locations and organize the Rally. You do not have to participate in our classes to join the Rally, but we are offering classes again in order to have a good understanding, partnership, and lots of practice! The choreography came out this week, and right now we are asking everyone to join our group on Facebook CLICK HERE TO JOIN and vote for what time you could attend class! The choices are Saturday at 12:30pm, Thursday at 8:30pm, or Tuesday at 6:15pm. The more input we get, the more people we can include in learning and practicing this fun routine!

When you are in the studio this week, take a minute to look above the desk and see who all has signed up to perform at The Buckeye Open Showcase, then buy your tickets to guarantee your spot to watch (or perform)!

This Friday is our Line Dance Class & All Request Party, then we'll see you all Saturday for our Weekly Ballroom Dance Party!!

Let's Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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