May 31, 2021

Our Instructors are the Best! May Lesson Drive has Begun! - May 3rd, 2021

Our Instructors are the Best!  May Lesson Drive has Begun! - May 3rd, 2021

Hello All!

I just want to share how proud I am of the Instructors we have at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

Mark will always get you laughing!

Brittany brings joy to every lesson!

Aaron keeps the energy through the roof!

Cedric is the best listener I know!

Kelsey has the passion to do it all!

I don't know if you all realize the time, effort, and progress every one of the people involved in our studio are committing to making our studio the best!  First of all, I feel so lucky to be managing people who are friendly, thoughtful, caring, and want to make a difference in other's lives!  Secondly, The time they put in before the work day begins, and after the work day ends, to continue learning, progressing and being their best as dancers is above and beyond any studio's expectations!  I am so excited to showcase their hard work and talent this Saturday at the Showcase!!

All of our Full Time Instructors passed their DVIDA Exams in April and are moving on to studying new material.  Let me tell you, taking the Instructor exams is not easy.  They are required to lead and follow all of the steps, then demonstrate the steps by themselves (as a lead & as a follow) with exact amounts of turn, footwork, leads, arms, and posture.  Lisa Vegas (the DVIDA Examiner) complimented their progress and was surprised that in 1 year Brittany and Aaron have completed all of Bronze Smooth & Rhythm and they are now heading on to get certified in Silver!  After just a few months of preparing, both Cedric & Kelsey are halfway through their Bronze and getting ready for their next test!  

All of these instructors are determined to be the best dancers & TEACHERS possible for you!  

Speaking of teachers... I also want to remind you that starting this week we are Pushing for 100 Introductory Lessons in May!!!!! 

The May Lesson Drive is a chance for all of your friends and family to try out a $15 Introductory Lesson while also helping out The Byron Saunders Foundation.  For every lesson taken, we will donate $5 to The Byron Saunders Foundation to help feed people for Thanksgiving!  If your friends come for a lesson by themselves they get a chance to dance with, and learn directy from, a professional!  If they come in as a couple, they will start experiencing the magic of moving together.  Please help us reach this goal by sharing this opportunity with your friends... don't forget, you also get rewards for inviting people!

Thank you all for believing in us!
We are so excited to make this year the best yet!

Let's all Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

Amy Ross

The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center

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Amy Ross

Owner & Instructor

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