July 10, 2023

Photos Available, Free LaBlast Class, and So Much More!

Photos Available, Free LaBlast Class, and So Much More!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you to Professional Dance Photographer Tom Wehrung!!
Do you all know how lucky we are to have a professional dance photographer who is passionate about his art here in Columbus? Tom Wehrung has been a supporter of The Crystal Ballroom since before we even opened, and we are lucky to have him attending our events, photographing our staff, and taking professional photos at our events! Check out all of the great photos from the Buckeye Open Showcase, the New World Dancesport Challenge, and our other showcases & events on his website, ( tjwehrungphotography.com/gallery). Photo prices are more than reasonable, so I encourage you to support Tom by purchasing any photos you would like to have! He definitely knows how to capture the moment :)

Free LaBlast Class Thursday - Support Shannon's Audition on August 4th (6:15pm)We will be auditioning a few LaBlast Instructors to see who would be the best fit for our Thursday Night LaBlast Class. This is an opportunity to try Ballroom Dance Fitness for FREE, and help us make a decision of who is the right fit for this class. Join us on August 4th as Shannon Kazee leads us in an energetic, fun, ballroom dance workout!

Summer Out on the Town - August 4th 6:30pm
If you aren't at the LaBlast Class we are hoping to see you at Hilliard Station around 6:30pm for the Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band! This summer I didn't get shirts made yet so feel free to show up in whatever is comfortable, if you'd like to match, wear a bright blue shirt :). I'm looking forward to dancing with you all and bringing business cards, and flyers for our other beginner friendly events... join me to dance to live music and show people how you can dance to ANYTHING!! :) RSVP here to let me know you're coming so I know who to look for!!!

Joy Stachura and Amy Ross teach West Coast Swing Variations on Choreography Class.
If you know the basics and have learned some WCS choreography, then it's time to learn how to incorporate some of those movements into your West Coast Swing. Joy and I directed the JT Swing Columbus Team Season 7and are excited to show how choreography can be incorporated into your social dancing. Join us at 7pm Friday before the WCS Dance.... It's $15 for just the class, or $20 for the class & party! :)

Start planning for December Showcase!!!
I am blessed at the studio to have instructors on staff who are creative and on-the-ball! Be sure to check out the Survey Kelsey put out in The Crystal Ballroom Dance Community Facebook Pageto decide which Formations to offer for our December 17th Winter Showcase!!! :) If you've seen any of our showcases, or even Dancing with the Stars, we'd love to make your performing dreams come true by choreographing and teaching you a dance to perform. If you talk to any of the previous performers you will find they have grown their knowledge, confidence, creativity and flow through setting goals like this for themselves. We'd love to help you reach the next level in your dancing by involving you in this coming showcase!! :) Casting Day will be announced soon, but in the meantime VOTE for your favorite Formation Idea HERE!

This week on Friday we have West Coast Swing Night, and on Saturday join us for our Wonderful Weekly Ballroom Dance Party!!!

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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