September 3, 2020

Private Lessons vs. Group Classes

Private Lessons vs. Group Classes

So, you want to learn to dance?  You look up a dance studio near you and see they have Private Lessons & Group Classes, but where do you start?  Let me share the differences and the benefits of each with you.

Private Lessons – Private lessons are your opportunity to dance with an instructor 1-on-1 (or 2-on-1 if you have a partner).  These lessons are especially helpful if you’ve never danced before, you have a specific goal, want to perform or compete, or if you are looking to learn as quickly as possible.  In these lessons your instructor can feel exactly what you’re doing and help you create good habits from day 1.

Think of it like going to a personal trainer: the program will be fitted directly to you and your goals, to make progress as quickly as possible.  

Private lessons do cost more since you’re paying for 1-on-1 time with a trained (and typically certified) professional.  

Private Lesson Summary: With consistent private lessons you will progress quickly and be the most desirable dance partner at the parties!

Group Classes – Group classes are designed to give you practice in the dances; experience the rhythm and the movements in a low-pressure setting.  You will get comfortable dancing with many different partners in group classes as well as getting to know the fantastic people within the studio.  Group classes will also reinforce the movements and knowledge you receive in a private lesson.  Think of it like going to group exercise classes: everyone goes, improves and has fun, it’s better than sitting at home on the couch!  Group classes often have packaged rates to keep them affordable and accessible to everyone.

Group Class Summary: In group classes you will make friends and build muscle memory in the dances or techniques being offered!

Your Dance Prescription:

Private Lessons

1-3 times/week

Build great habits, connection, and learn what you really want to learn.  

Group Classes

1-3 times/week

Be part of the community, practice good habits and solidify the muscle memory.  

Social Dances

1-2 times/week

Practice, hang out, and enjoy your new hobby!

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