March 1, 2023

Prom Pictures Are In - Plus How You Can Get Involved

Prom Pictures Are In - Plus How You Can Get Involved

Hello Everyone!

1950's Prom Photos are OUT!  As always Tom Wehrung captured the joy and atmosphere created for our fun Valentine's Day Dance!  Check out the photos here!

Wish our Competitors GOOD LUCK as they go to the Vegas Open!
Congrats to Jeff and Raj for their representation dancing with Kelsey in Las Vegas this Saturday!

Join us for a FREE first class to check out the Formation Performance Team!
Ladies Samba Routine - Free Class Tuesday 3/8 at 6:15pm

Mary Poppins Couples Formation - Free Class Wednesday 3/9 at 6:15pm

Our Formations are a great way to be part of the studio, experience a full day of dancing, performing, afterparty, and dinner dance with your friends! You can sign up by yourself or with a partner! Classes start NEXT WEEK!!! :)

Attend the Most Group Classes & Parties in Jan-March to WIN!

Remember, the top 3 Win Prizes!!! There's still time to get on the leaderboard with the fact that we offer 7-10 Classes per week that are either included in your membership, or have a membership discount! It's only $79/Month to receive unlimited regular group classes & parties!

Here's the Updated Leaderboard!

49 - Teresa Trees
48 - Jianli Bick
34 - Randy Iske
27 - Theresa Alton
27 - Mark Lesman
25 - Joe Widenhofer
22 - Kelly Widenhofer
17 - Joanna Mahoney

Champagne Open House
Friday March 24th - 7:00pm
Start inviting your friends now, to join us for our Champagne Open house towards the end of March! A great way to organize the night is to schedule a dinner with friends then stop by the studio at 7:00pm to enjoy some delectable desserts, champagne, and a simple group class. If you invite a friend you get the opportunity to show off a little of what you've been learning as well!

This Friday is our West Coast Swing dance with instructors Rachel Kutay and Cedric, and DJ Toni Carroll! Then Saturday is our Wonderful Saturday Night Dance Party! Group Class this week is Viennese Waltz at 7pm!

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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