June 6, 2021

State Health Mandates lifted June 2nd - Spring Lesson Drive Update - May 31st, 2021

State Health Mandates lifted June 2nd - Spring Lesson Drive Update - May 31st, 2021

Hello All!

The State of Ohio is lifting all health mandates on June 2nd, so Iwant to spend a few minutes sharing what this means for The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center starting this Wednesday. As of June 2nd, we will no longer be requiring masks to enter the building and social distancing is also no longer required.

Masked Partner Party - Saturdays 6-7:30pm

The Masked Party will still be offered each Saturday from 6-7:30pm. This party will be limited to 12 couples to give room for each couple to social distance. Masks are required throughout the dance and precautions will be taken to ask others in the building to mask up as well during this time.This party still requires Pre-Registration with a partner (up to 6 people may share a table and rotate partners if agreed upon in advance).

All Other Group Classes & Parties

As of June 2nd, we are no longer requiring masks for Group Classes and Parties. You are more than welcome to continue wearing a mask if you prefer! In group classes we will resume rotating partners, you will have the choice to remain with your partner throughout or rotate to get the most out of the class. At parties we will resume social dancing with everyone in attendance, you will have the choice to indicate you'd like to only dance with your partner by placing a red card at your table. There will be no limit to the number of people and no Pre-Registration required (although Pre-Registering will save you time at the door.

Private Lessons

As of June 2nd, we are no longer requiring masks during your lesson. If you would prefer your instructor wear a mask, please let us know, so we can be sure you are as comfortable as possible! You also continue to have the choice to wear a mask. There will no longer be a limit on how many lessons can be taught at a time within the studio.

Thank you all for sticking with us through this last year as we followed the state mandates and health orders to keep dancing as safe as possible. We are so excited for this new chapter of 2021 where we can resume the social and interactive aspect of dancing together!!

Spring Lesson Drive Update!
Goal: 100 Introductory Lessons Taught by June 30, 2021

19 Introductory Lessons Taught!
$95 Raised for The Byron Saunders Foundation!
Current leaders for TOP ADVOCATE
Gerald Wheeler - 1 Referral
Kathy Pinto - 1 Referral
Jennifer DeBourbon - 1 Referral

Keep inviting your friends/family/neighbors and acquaintances to improve their lives by getting out and dancing!! Remember our TOP ADVOCATE gets 10 FREE Lessons! (plus you earn rewards along the way)

Top 3 Reasons Your Friends Would Love an Introductory Lesson

3. Couples reignite the spark in their relationship!

There's a reason every Disney Movie shows a beautiful princess being swept around the dance floor by her prince charming! Dancing is one of the few activities couples can do together where they are learning to communicate, physically touch, and are on the same team! The follow gets a chance to let go of control and enjoy a seamless connection to her partner while the lead has the opportunity to take responsibility, make decisions, and LEAD! Moving in sync and feeling the music with the one you love sparks intimacy and gives you the chance to connect in a whole new way!

2. Dancing increases positivity and relaxation!

Let's face it, this year has been stressful, limiting, scary, and upsetting. We have all experienced extra stress and now we all deserve to release that stress in a positive environment where physical movement and music relax even the most tense of people! Couples can come in together for a date night, or singles can get a lesson with one of our instructors as their dance partner! The hardest part of taking our Introductory Lesson Special is walking in the door!

1. Dancing gives SINGLES a community, confidence, and skills!

Your SINGLE friends want to be social, be part of a group, increase their confidence and swagger, as well as have skills that make them even more attractive!Invite them to try a $15 Introductory Dance Lesson to have a great time, move, and experience the joy of dancing with another person. As a single person they get the added advantage of dancing with an instructor, learning faster, and getting the entire lesson personalized to them!

Thank you all for introducing people to the joy of dancing and helping us GROW!!

Let's all Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

Amy Ross

The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center

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