July 10, 2023

Summer Out on the Town, December Showcase and Fall Youth Classes

Summer Out on the Town, December Showcase and Fall Youth Classes

Hello Everyone!

Summer Out on the Town
This past Thursday was our first Summer Out on the Town! Despite the threat of rain, over a dozen people came out to dance to the Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band in Hilliard. We all showed up in our blue shirts and danced the night away! Don't miss the next opportunity to go "Out on the Town" with The Crystal Ballroom at the Sounds of Summer Concert Series at Alum Creek Park Amphitheater in Westerville on Sunday August 14th. If any of you remember Joseph Moorer (my Byron Saunders Dancing with the Columbus Stars Partner from 3 years ago), he is one of the performers with Conspiracy Band. This band will be playing GREAT party music and keeping the energy UP! Click here for more details!! - August 14th 6:30pm. I'm looking forward to dancing with you all again, and bringing flyers for our other beginner friendly events... join me to dance to live music and show people how you can dance to ANYTHING!! : )RSVP here to let me know you're coming so I know who to look for!!!

December Showcase - how will you be involved?!
We've already begun planning for our Winter Showcase & Snowflake Ball! Thanks to everyone who voted on which numbers they would enjoy as a Formation for this coming showcase! If you would like to be involved in our next showcase, here are your options!

1. Watch/Eat/Dance - If you are not the performing type, then you can join us for this event as a spectator. Join us for about an hour long show including great holiday music and dance routines. This will include youth and adults performing Dancing with the Stars types of routines. Then there are photo opportunities, dinner buffet, and social dancing! Early Bird Pricing is only $65 ($50 for Members).

2. Formation Team - This is an opportunity to get better at a particular dance, make friends and learn a fun routine! It looks like this year we will be offering a Bolero & Viennese Waltz Routine. Be sure to come on Casting Day (Saturday September 10th) to get a preview of the dances and sign up!

3. Solo Performance - Solos are the way to have your very own "Dancing with the Stars" type of experience. You can get a specially choreographed routine with an instructor (or 2 or 3), or dance with another partner of your choosing. This package gives you the opportunity to choose the music, the choreographer, your partner, and be the star of a routine! If you need ideas for songs/routines we are lucky to have Kelsey as our resident creative! Ask what she envisions you dancing to, and show up to Casting Day on September 10th to join the cast of our show!

Fall Youth Classes begin this WEEK!
We had our Fall Youth Kickoff on Saturday and although our Semester long performance classes (these perform at our Winter Showcase) don't begin until September, we are kicking off 2 levels of monthly group classes for youth. There is a Music & Movement class for youth ages 3-6, and a Curriculum Series for youth ages 7-18.Check out all of Fall Youth Classes HERE!

This week on Friday is our Student Appreciation Party (A thank you party for our Regular Weekly Private Lesson Students), and on Saturday join us for our Wonderful Weekly Ballroom Dance Party!!!

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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