September 3, 2020

The 3 Things You Need to Start Dancing!

The 3 Things You Need to Start Dancing!

1.      Yourself – Many people feel they need to have experience, understand basic terminology, or be built a certain way to dance, however you are perfect the way you are.  I have participated in the past in bringing dancing to the VA in Chicago.  We taught dance to Veterans, many of whom were injured physically and mentally.  There were blind veterans, those in wheelchairs, and those with Traumatic Brain Injuries.  You would not imagine how happy each and every person was to be learning to dance!

Oh, and just so you know, although we teach partner dances, there’s no partner required! (that’s what your dance instructor is for)

2.      A Good Attitude – Dancing is a journey.  Just like learning piano or golf, we don’t start being able to play a concerto.  Be easy on yourself and realize the journey is the fun part, look forward to learning and improving, but also enjoy every step along the way to achieving that flow state, where everything melts away.

3.      Shoes – On day one it’s helpful to bring along clean, dry shoes without “grip.”  These will make your first experience a little more enjoyable.  After deciding this is a hobby you’d like to continue, or you’d like to go out dancing, ballroom or latin shoes are preferred because of their suede soles/support/heel.  Your instructor can help guide you in the pair of shoes that would be best for what you are doing.

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