September 18, 2023

This past week was very busy... we had 3 fundraisers on consecutive days!

This past week was very busy... we had 3 fundraisers on consecutive days!

Hello Everyone,

This past week was very busy... we had 3 fundraisers on consecutive days!

On Wednesday, our Interns, Josh and Sophia headed to the Barn Dance Fundraiser for Pelotonia to dance and teach an Intro Class.

On Thursday, Cedric, Mallory, and I represented the studio and kept the atmosphere fun at the SourcePoint Dancing through the Decades Fundraiser. 

Then on Friday, Cedric, Mallory, and I showcased our "Local Celebrities" at the Dancing with our Columbus Stars Byron Saunders Fundraiser!  Thanks to everyone who came out to support this great cause!  This year the event raised $107,000 towards feeding families in Franklin County this Thanksgiving!  WOW!!!  Don't worry, although the competition is over, you can still make a difference by donating food at The Crystal Ballroom!

Start learning the Crystal Ballroom WCS Rally this Thursday!

If you haven't started learning the West Coast Swing Rally, you can start learning from the beginning this Thursday at 6:15pm.  Once you join you are welcome to attend the Saturday 4pm Classes as well as the Thursday 6:15pm Classes, you also get the full videos, written out routine, and performance t-shirt, plus multiple in town performance opportunities.  It's only $135 for everything!  

Coming Soon... More Formation/Team/Competition Opportunities

Keep your eyes and ears open for our next chance to be part of the Amateur Competition Team, The Ladies Formation, The Couple's Formation, and ProAm Competition!  

The Unlimited Membership Challenge Scoreboard

This July - Sept competition is coming to a close... three of these people will be winning a one of our valuable prizes!

1st Prize
3 Private Lessons plus 3 months Unlimited Membership ($594 Value)

2nd Prize
2 Private Lessons and 2 months Unlimited Membership ($396 Value)

3rd Prize
1 Private Lesson and 1 month Unlimited Membership ($198 Value)

Teresa Trees - 66 Attended
Mark Oakley - 57 Attended
Jianli Bick - 46 Attended
Randy Iske - 34 Attended
Henry Fang - 30 Attended
Sidney Wu - 29 Attended

You all have 1 more week, let's make it happen!!

This Saturday is our fantastic Saturday night party at 8pm, preceded by by a Waltz Class!

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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