February 21, 2022

Three Reasons We Offer Open Houses

Three Reasons We Offer Open Houses

Hello Everyone,

Last week was another blast at The Crystal Ballroom! We are experiencing a lot of growth, new students are walking in the door, and many people are returning from their 2-year hiatus. It is so exciting meeting new people and including them in this wonderful confidence-building activity!

Winter is the perfect for people who have always wanted to try this out to get started, which is why we are having a Champagne Open House at 6:15 on February 28th. Now is the time people want to get out of the house, move and enjoy an activity that brings joy to dreary cold days of winter. I have told many of you personally about our Champagne Open House, but I'd like to give those of you I haven't gotten to talk with a better understanding of why we offer Open Houses like this.

3 Reasons we offer Open Houses

1. Exposure to More People
Even if you don't have any friends who are interested in dancing, maybe they know someone who is, or is getting married, or going on vacation, and if they have a great experience with us, they will tell their friends!

2. Lower the Pressure of Dancing
As I meet people networking or going out around town people are always excited to learn that I am a ballroom dance instructor and own a dance studio. The most common response to this is, "I'd love to try that!" Those of you already in the dance community realize that we all start at the beginning and you are welcomed with open arms! However, if your friends have never danced before, it's intimidating to walk into a dance studio. Many of them assume they need a partner, or that they need to know something about dance already. They are nervous about how they will feel, and what the expectations and atmosphere are like when starting out. We offer this Open House as an opportunity for you to invite your friends to step foot in the door and see firsthand why you love coming out dancing with us!

3. Best Compliment a Business can Receive is Referrals
Inviting people to this event is one of the biggest "Thank You's" we can receive from a happy customer. Again, even if your freinds aren't interested in dancing, exposure to your friends helps us be seen and reach those who are looking for this opportunity! Our heartfelt thank you for referring a friend who chooses to purchase a lesson pkg is a FREE Private Lesson to the person who referred them

By the way, you all are invited to come watch the Commentary from Champions on Sunday at 11am. There is no fee to spectate. The event begins at 11am and will most likely be 2-3 hours long. Many of our private lesson students will be demonstrating their competitive routines as Kimberley Mitchell writes commentary. This is a good way to learn about competition expectations and approximately how it works.

If you are interested in learning more about the ProAm or AmAm Competition Team in 2022, please set up a meeting before March 15th with me! These meeting will help inform you of what to expect as well as be an opportunity to plan out your progress, goals, and budget for competitions.

This week we'll see you Friday for another West Coast Swing Dance, and Saturday for our weekly Ballroom Dance Party!

Let's Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

Amy Ross
The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center

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