July 10, 2023

Top 10 Reasons to Come to Saturday Ballroom Parties, plus Halloween Party and Rounds Night

Top 10 Reasons to Come to Saturday Ballroom Parties, plus Halloween Party and Rounds Night

Hello Everyone!

If you've been thinking about coming out to our Saturday Ballroom Nights, we think you'll have a great time!

10 Reasons The Crystal Ballroom is the place to social dance in Columbus

10. We play everything from Bachata to Viennese Waltz (including all of the smooth and rhythm dances and we take requests)
9. We have more than 30 people at our dances
8. We foster a community that is comfortable dancing with everyone, plus a mixer each night to dance with as many people as possible.
7. DJ David is not only a DJ, but a professional singer, and he sings at least 1 dance each Saturday.
6. Crystal Ballroom Staff is present every week to answer questions, dance with you and introduce you to other dancers you may want to dance with!
5. Our dance floor is large, well maintained, and sprung for comfortable dancing.
4. It's less than $10 a week with our membership to attend all of Saturday Parties each month!
3. We have the highest level of social dancing in town with many of our regular attendees taking private lessons and enjoying the social aspect of dancing with everyone.
2. We are a small business that prioritizes customers and we know your name!
1. You miss dancing with us! (we miss you too!!)

As the warm weather wraps up and autumn comes falling into Columbus we look forward to seeing many of you back out on the dance floor. We always welcome feedback as well if there are things you think we could do to improve the Crystal Ballroom and make it an even better experience for you, please let us know!!

This week is our VERY FIRST Competition Rounds Night on Friday evening at 8:30pm. If you aren't sure what this is, it is an opportunity to dance all of your smooth or rhythm dances in a row to proper competition tempo music and get some guidance from me as I watch and push you to improve for your next competition. If you are on The ProAm or AmAm Competition Team this event is free. This event is also available to outside studios and instructors to give them a chance to practice running rounds with more people!

Also, all of your couple friends who have said, "ya know I think she'd like that" have a chance to participate in our Date Night Class this Saturday at 5:30pm! It is beginner friendly, but can also be a lot of fun to connect with your significant other over some simple steps and nice atmosphere. Invite your friends to our FACEBOOK EVENT here!

RSVP for our Halloween Party & Potluck, although there isn't an RSVP Required, we would love for you to sign up early so we know how many people to expect and can be as prepared as possible! Start planning your dishes for the potluck (don't expect this to be a full meal, just snacks and desserts). Get together your $100 Winning Costume! We include a "haunted" house, Potluck Competition, Costume Contest, and dancing to all of your creepy tunes at our party on October 29th from 7-10pm!! You can also participate in our Decorating Parties on October 22nd and October 28th. Join us for Pizza and help create the atmosphere for our party the next weekend/day!

Don't forget when you're shopping to pick up some extra canned goods, and bring along Pantry donations for The Byron Saunders Food Drive. We have 2 large boxes to fill at the studio as we donate food to families in need this Thanksgiving!

This week we have our Student Appreciation Party on Friday followed by our FIRST Competition Round Night, and we'll be dancing the night away at our Weekly Ballroom Dance Party on Saturday!!!

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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