April 10, 2023

Upcoming Classes and Challenge!

Upcoming Classes and Challenge!

Happy New Year!!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for New Year's Eve at our Music of the Night: New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball! This party was another great representation of what we have to offer as a studio. Not many events can brag that they featured professional vocalists (David & Mallory), Professional photography (Tom Wehrung) and a transformed atmosphere thanks to Sissi Thompson's fantastic eye for party planning details! Tom will most likely have photos out this week in his Photo Gallery.

Welcome to 2023 Everyone!

This week kicks off New Group Class Series, our Membership Challenge, Competition Team Classes, and Youth Program!

Bootylicious Bolero
Mondays 7pm

It's not often Aaron can find time in his schedule to teach group classes, but TONIGHT you can learn Bootilicious Bolero from former Rhythm Competitor Aaron! He will be focusing on creating the hip action within Bolero to take your dancing to the next level!

Intro to Quickstep
Wednesdays 7pm
Kelsey has a knack for developing group classes that are clear and step by step to get you started with confidence in a dance that may be new to you! Quickstep is one of those dances that takes some practice, and Kelsey is getting you started together starting this Wednesday!

Dance Vision: Bronze Foxtrot I & II
Thursdays 7pm
As instructors we learn from the Dance Vision Syllabus a list of steps and then get certified to instruct. This series taught by Mallory will take you through the first 7 steps of Bronze Foxtrot and qualify you to receive a Student Achievement Award in Foxtrot I & II!

Attend the Most Group Classes & Parties in Jan-March to WIN!
January - March
If you were one of the people who purchased our 3 Month Unlimited Membership Special in November, now is the time to jump in to the competition! Attend as many group classes and parties in the months of January, February and March as possible to win the grand prize of 3 Private Lessons and 3 more Months Unlimited Membership! We will be keeping track of how many you attend in order to award prizes at the end of 3 months. If you didn't get in on the deal, you can still participate in the Challenge, just upgrade to an Unlimited Membership and let us know you'd like to participate!

If you are interested in competing, this supportive environment will help you prepare!
Thursday January 5th - 7:45pm
This team is my Passion Project! I have seen so much growth in those who joined the team a few months ago. Their footwork, postures, and frames have become more habitual. Their focus and awareness of basics has improved, their leading and following has gotten more consistent and confident, and their fluidity in leading steps has increased. Congrats to Theresa Alton, Jennifer Garvin, Shannon Kazee, Shaun Koester, Mark Lesman, Becky Matthews, and Steve Rose for being our regulars! We are currently recruiting new members, if you have ANY interest, please stop by Thursday night for information, the schedule, and to experience the team. If you are competing Pro-Am these classes are recommended to help you build the habits your instructor has been working with you on! Please text or call me at 614-526-9444 with any questions!

Learn about our NEW programming!
Saturday January 7th - 12pm
This Saturday we are inviting all youth (ages 3-18) to join us for our Youth Information Session & Party. We will teach a class, give parents a chance to ask questions, and get students enrolled for the New Year! New this year - we are developing 4-6 week classes with performance goals at the end of each class!

Get started with the basics of line dancing!
Sunday January 8th 1:30pm
If you've always wanted to try Line Dancing, Edie is starting another group this coming Sunday at 1:30pm. This series includes 6 classes and 2 parties! Join Line Dance Foundations today or let us know if you have any questions!

This Friday we have SPECIAL GUEST - Stevie Bliss teaching West Coast Swing followed by our 2-Hour West Coast Swing Dance! On Saturday, join us for our Weekly Ballroom Dance Party!!

Let's all connect through dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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