May 31, 2021

Upcoming Events & Spring Lesson Drive Update! - May 24th, 2021

Upcoming Events & Spring Lesson Drive Update! - May 24th, 2021

Hello All!

As many of you saw, David and I had a chance to go on vacation this past week.  A big thank you to all of the Staff for keeping the studio running smoothly and making sure you all received the service and care you deserve!  As fun and relaxing as it is to get away and let my hair down, I'm so excited to be back planning more fantastic events for everyone!

So, I'm going to let you in on some of our current & upcoming events!

Independence Day Ball

We are doing an Independence Day Ball (details coming soon) so everyone can break out their Red White & Blue at an Open Formal Dance!  With restrictions being lifted by the state in June, we are planning our Independence Day Ball for Saturday July 3rd!!

Commentary from Champions

May 30th at Noon we have a handful of students participating in our Commentary from Champions Event.  The great thing about this is that each student receives written commentary from National Latin Champion, Bill Sparks.  We will continue offering these types of events for those looking to improve and reach goals, but who are not as passionate about the COMPETITION side of things.  If you are thinking about participating in the future, I recommend you come check it out!  

Spring Lesson Drive

Until the end of June you get Advocate Rewards for just encouraging and inviting your friends to improve their lives with dancing.  The $15 Lesson Special ($5 going directly to The Byron Saunders Foundation) is available to anyone who has never taken a Private Lesson at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!  Please help us reach our goal of 100 Introductory Lessons!!!

Spring Lesson Drive Update!
Goal: 100 Introductory Lessons Taught by June 30, 2021

13 Introductory Lessons Taught!
$65 Raised for The Byron Saunders Foundation!
Current TOP ADVOCATE: Gerald Wheeler - 1 Referral

Keep inviting your friends/family/neighbors and acquaintances to improve their lives by getting out and dancing!! Remember our TOP ADVOCATE gets 10 FREE Lessons! (plus you earn rewards along the way)

Reason #2 Your Friends Would Love an Introductory Lesson

Dancing increases positivity and relaxation!

Let's face it, this year has been stressful, limiting, scary, and upsetting.  We have all experienced extra stress and now we all deserve to release that stress in a positive environment where physical movement and music relax even the most tense of people!  Couples can come in together for a date night, or singles can get a lesson with one of our instructors as their dance partner!  The hardest part of taking our Introductory Lesson Special is walking in the door!

Reason #1 Your Friends Would Love an Introductory Lesson

Dancing gives SINGLES a community, confidence, and skills!

Your SINGLE friends want to be social, be part of a group, increase their confidence and swagger, as well as have skills that make them even more attractive!   Invite them to try a $15 Introductory Dance Lesson to have a great time, move, and experience the joy of dancing with another person.  As a single person they get the added advantage of dancing with an instructor, learning faster, and getting the entire lesson personalized to them!

Thank you all for introducing people to the joy of dancing and helping us GROW!!  
Let's all Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

Amy Ross

The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center

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