January 31, 2022

Weekly Newsletter - January 31, 2022

Weekly Newsletter - January 31, 2022

Hello Everyone,

So, in the ballroom world there seems to be a disconnect between Social Dancing and Competition Dancing. I disagree with those who say one is better than another, or that they are really even that different.

A great social dancer knows how to communicate with their partner, give clear signals, navigate a busy floor and connect with the music.

A great competitive dancer knows how to stay with the music, create contrast and dynamics within their dancing to reflect the music, transfer their weight and use their feet and body in a way to enhance their movement as well as communicating clearly with their partner.

A great dancer has all of these qualities and those are things that enhance the dances! Dynamics, Clear communication, Understanding of their body and weight, as well as connecting to the music and their partner! No matter what level you are, these are the things that make dancing enjoyable!

With that said, it's been so cool seeing the culture of The Crystal Ballroom develop over the last 3 years. We started with many overlapping social customers who enjoyed our classes and parties as well as many others in town. I would say in the last year we have started attracting more and more people who believe what I believe... it is a mixture of knowledge and partnership that creates a great dancer! We have many great dancers that are regulars now in our group classes, and especially our Saturday night parties! Thank you to everyone who has helped us create such a friendly, supportive, and welcoming atmosphere that fosters great dancers!

One way we get the opportunity to support the social aspect of the studio (besides our regular Saturday parties) is to host events a few times a year that take you out of the regular and change our studio into an opportunity to have a whole new experience. Our Night at the Oscars New Year's Eve Party was an event that gave people the chance to be a star and enjoy an evening of glamour! Unfortunately I didn't get to be there because I was feeling under the weather that week, however this week when I was going through the photos I just couldn't get enough of the smiles, outfits, and obvious joy people were demonstrating on camera! If you haven't had a chance to see the photos, here's the album on Facebook. The next chance you have to join us for an event like this is in 2 weeks! Tickets are on sale until Saturday for our Las Vegas Experience! Luck Be a Lady is Las Vegas themed Valentine's Day experience for singles and couples! We will be going all out with Photo Opportunities, Las Vegas Atmosphere, and of course Dinner and Dancing! Dress up your Vegas Formal, Costume, or Red & Black, and join us for a night of fun, laughter, dinner and dancing! The Crystal Ballroom staff will be there to entertain and dance with everyone.

Here are the details!

Luck Be a Lady: Las Vegas Themed Valentine's Day Formal
Perfect event for Singles or Couples
Purchase tickets by This Saturday 2/5/22
Event is from 6pm-10pm on Saturday 2/12/22
Gourmet Buffet, Themed Games, Professional Photo, and Plenty of Dancing Included!

Let's Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

Amy Ross
The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center

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Amy Ross

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