September 3, 2020

Why Did You Start To Dance?

Why Did You Start To Dance?

Each of us has our own story and motivation that pushed us to take that First Step…

Maybe you had a crush on someone and they invited you to dance.

Maybe you were looking for the next physical challenge.

Maybe you wanted to ward off aging in your body & mind.

Maybe something changed in your life and you needed to be around people and have a great evening.

Maybe your relationship was stale and you wanted to re-ignite the spark.

Maybe you needed a creative outlet to pour yourself into.

Maybe you needed more physical contact than social media allows.


As a college student I came to dancing after a lot of persistent invites from my friends and the realization that I had NO social life.  (I suppose there’s more to life than classes, practicing trumpet, and studying.)  So, since my friends kept insisting I would enjoy the YSU Dance Club (Go Penguins!), and I certainly needed the social outlet, I joined them for an evening class.

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As awkward as I was that night, I’m so glad I pushed through the fear and insecurity and took the first step.  My first moment of dancing with an instructor, all the fear went away and I realized I had found an activity that I would always have in my life.

~Amy Ross

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Amy Ross

Owner & Instructor

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