March 14, 2022

Why Would I want to Run or Walk a 5k with a Dance Studio?

Why Would I want to Run or Walk a 5k with a Dance Studio?

Hello Everyone,

So, I know you've been hearing about our 5K Team and you're probably wondering: "Why Would I want to Run or Walk 5ks with the Dance studio?"

Good question! The answer is because it's fun! :) We are always looking for ways to increase our fitness, and there are plenty of studies on how walking is really healthy and good for you. These 5ks are a way to get together with a community, support a charity, and represent The Crystal Ballroom!

The way it works is that you sign up for the team. The $80 Membership Fee includes your Official Crystal Ballroom 5K Team shirt as well as organization of all races (we'll keep records of your statistics, take and share pictures of the race), and the End of Year Dinner/Awards Banquet. Then, you decide which races are right for you! You can sign up for as many or few as you like and go whatever speed you would like! We will send out an email before each race detailing where to go to sign up, what time we are meeting, where we are meeting, and asking you to RSVP so we know who to expect! We already have 17 people on the team and 6 Sponsors! There are potentially 12 races between April 16th and November 22nd. Hope you can join us as well. Catch me at the studio or call 614-505-8698 to sign up before March 23rd. We will be putting in orders for the 5K Shirts on March 24th!

As well as Jonathan Roberts (one of the best Smooth Coaches in the Country) coming to the studio to coach and teach a Master Class March 28th and 29th, we will also be having Donald Johnson back! Donald Johnson will be testing our instructors for their next level of Ballroom Instructor Certifications, as well as doing Student Achievement Testing (you can get an award for the dances you've been learning) and Coachings on April 4th & 5th!

Last thing I want to be sure to share with you all this week is Kelsey's new Group Class! If you dance at all... Country, West Coast Swing, Ballroom, Latin... you need to take this class. Although Kelsey is a fantastic ballroom dancer, she also has an extensive background in Ballet and Figure Skating! With this experience she has put together a 4-Week Ballroom Technique Class Series starting tonight. Each week will be a different focus. Don't miss tonight's class on Frame & Connection! In Future weeks, the focus will be on Spins & Turns, Shaping and Arm-Styling, as well as Hips Knees and Toes!

This Friday is our All Request Line Dance Party, then we'll see you Saturday for our St Patrick's Day Themed Ballroom Dance Party!!

Let's Connect Through Dance at The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center!

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