David Ross

David Ross

Owner & Business Manager

David grew up singing and acting, but never tried dancing until Amy asked him to attend a ballroom dance with her on one of their first dates.  Since then David has been a part of the dance world as a supportive husband, encourager, confidant, and advisor.  David’s musical training and experience, as well as avid watching of Dancing with the Stars, has allowed him to advise and support dancers even more.    

David was a store manager for 10 years. In 2016 he graduated with his MBA and chose to change his life by taking his health and wellness seriously.  After losing over 200lbs, David has new energy, renewed confidence, and clearer direction.  He is currently a district sales manager for Smith Foods, and is also Amy’s Right hand at the studio.  Within the business, David is involved in every aspect and advises Amy on business decisions and leadership.

He is not only a strategic thinker, but has the natural ability to make great decisions on the fly.  Although David is not one of our instructors, you will find him around the studio giving the best customer-service, leading by example, and elevating those around him to be their best selves.

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